Make healthier choices with a busy schedule. The better fast food options…

By Kaitlyn Kohler
October 9, 2012

College students often have  busy schedules and tight budgets. Finding time to cook and go food shopping is often hard to fit into  daily schedules.  Many do not have the money to spend at the grocery store. It’s much easier for most to buy fast food for $3, use flex dollars or the college meal plan instead of spending $60 at a grocery store for a week’s worth of groceries. By foll

owing these tips, you can make healthier choices on a tight budget and a busy schedule.

1. A typical drink at starbucks can have between 200-400 calories, some even more. instead of getting a regular vanilla latte, get a skinny vanilla latte. For a tall, it is only 90 calories. This will save you 110.

2. Love cheeseburgers? instead of eating a burger King Whopper, which has 760 calories and 47 grams of fat, eat a mcdonald’s big mac! This cheeseburger only has 540 calories and you can still enjoy a cheeseburger!

3. are you a pizza lover? indulge in two slices of domino’s pizza with thin crust. With only 360 calories, this is much better than three slices of Pizza hut pizza, which has 560 calories.

4. When eating in cavs’ corner, it can be hard to stay healthy. instead of soda, drink water or tea. it can save you between 100-200 calories and you will lower your sugar intake at the same time!

5. We all love carbs, but eating white bread, bagels or muffins made with white fl our has low nutritional value. Try whole wheat or multi-grain bread instead! it won’t save you calories, but it will give you essential nutrients to get you through your day!

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Kaitlyn Kohler

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