How I got to be the men’s lacrosse manager

By Grace Fox
October 19, 2019

Taking some pictures of the players.  Picture taken by Tyler O’Connor

I have been managing sports teams since my junior year of high school. Managing is something I love to do.I originally started as my high school football team manager at Hatboro Horsham high school.

I love everything about managing, such as making new friends and helping others out.

Coming into Cabrini I was very shy and didn’t know what I would be good at doing because I don’t play any sports and none of the clubs really interested me.

When I found out that they were looking for a manager for the men’s lacrosse team, I knew I had to try to get the job.

I emailed coach Colfer and asked if I could become one of the new managers, and he was happy to offer me the job. He gave me the run down and told me I could start right away. 

When I had the opportunity to be the men’s lacrosse manager, I knew everything was going to change for me. I got to meet a great group of guys and they all welcomed me with open arms.

I was a little worried about becoming the manager because I didn’t know if the boys would like me, or if there would be some issues throughout the season, but the team was nice and patient with me while I was learning the job.  

Some of the responsibilities that I have been doing their laundry, getting water ready for their practice, and taking care of the scoreboard for practices. It is not a bad job. It is just a big-time commitment, but I don’t mind it.

Being the manager was one of my best decisions. The job does get stressful sometimes, and I do get into some disagreements, but I wouldn’t trade these boys for anything. They always have my back, and they are just a big family to me. I love them all. 

I am so grateful that I am able to be their manager for the next three seasons. They have taught me so much.

Another thing I get to do for them is to take pictures. I am a digital communications major, and photography is something that I always loved doing. 

Getting to take photos for the team really helps my confidence because when they like my photos, that makes me feel like I can do this because sports photography isn’t the easiest thing to do.

For women, being a photographer isn’t that easy if it is something you want a career out of it. Research from Data US shows that females make less in salary than males. If I want this to be my career than I gotta work harder and show them that it doesn’t matter who takes the shots, an amazing portfolio is an amazing portfolio no matter the gender.

One big memory that I will never forget is when we won the national championship. Being a part of that team and being able to tell people I was part of that is such a great feeling. 

On that day I was so proud of the boys, I started to cry. I was only their manager for a season, but I got to see them put their blood and sweat into their practices and games. I knew they could do it and seeing them pull out that great win made me feel so happy for them. According to USlacrosse magazine, they said how the boys had a 1-0 mentality throughout the whole season and never quit until they came home with that win, that’s exactly what they did.

I know once I leave Cabrini I can definitely take what I learned into the real world. The Graduate Management Admissions Council said that being involved in extracurriculars it can help with leadership and communication skills.  Being on this team is such a big-time commitment so using my time wisely and effectively is definitely a good strategy to have going into the big world.  

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Grace Fox

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