Getting involved on campus allows me to interact with the campus community

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By Jacob Pegan
October 4, 2021

There are many ways that anyone can get involved at Cabrini as a student. You can join a club, one our many intramural sports teams and you can even start working here on work study. Cabrini offers many work-study options all over campus for students. One place you can work is the Holy Spirit Library.

Ever since the start of my freshmen year in the fall of 2019, I have worked as a student library assistant at the Holy Spirit Library.

The Holy Spirit Library is a great place for students to work as well as get their homework done. Photo by Jacob Pegan.

Working at the library can be boring at times, but it can also be fulfilling. When you are not helping the patrons of the library, you can get a lot of your schoolwork done. As a student assistant, most of the time I am at the front desk either helping patrons or doing my own schoolwork since our shifts are routine.

Every time we start a shift we must sign in on the timesheet and then do three or four routine small tasks. These tasks include going around the library doing a headcount of all the people in it, making sure there is enough paper in all the printers, shelving any books that need to be shelved and making sure there is not any trash on the ground.

My boss usually has smaller tasks for us to do also. These tasks include finding specific books for them, stamping blue cards, which are cards that go inside the book telling you when they are due back and getting the mail for the library from the mailroom.

Due to COVID-19, the library has been quieter and I can get more homework done.  When patrons ask for help, they usually need help finding a book or help with computers or printers.

Overall, I enjoy working at the library as a student assistant. It is nice and calming work. The job does not require too much prior work experience. During the job you can get a lot of your schoolwork done.

The new Social Nexus meeting room located in Founders Hall. Photo by Jacob Pegan.

Joining a club on campus is also a great way for students to get involved. For example, I am involved with the new student run social media agency here at Cabrini known as Social Nexus. At Social Nexus, communication students learn how to make strategic social media plans and perform research. Once a week we will meet to discuss social media news and trends and keep the rest of the Cabrini community informed in the latest social media news and trends. I joined Social Nexus because I wanted to be a part of something that could help people and inform people.

Cabrini also offers several sports teams students can join and play for. Back in my freshman year I was a part of Cabrini’s Rugby team. Even though before I joined I had no idea how to play rugby or what rugby was, I still joined it to try something new. I was not very good at playing it but that didn’t really matter because I still had fun doing it and being part of a team.

Bulletin boards around campus often show opportunities for student involvment. Photo by Jacob Pegan.

If I had to give any advice to anyone trying to get involved with something on campus, I would tell them to try something new. Even if you don’t like it at first to give it a try because who knows, you might end up loving it. If you want to be involved with something on campus just look on the bulletin boards that are all around campus featuring flyers of clubs and opportunities.


IMG_2717 (2)

Jacob Pegan

My name is Jacob Pegan, I am from Aston PA and I am a Senior Digital Communications Major. I am one of the news editors at the Loquitur.
One fun fact about myself is that I have two dogs.
I want to do something in social media or marketing for my career. I like to report on the news. Specifically, I like to write on current and world events and connect them back to the Cabrini area.

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