How fans consume sports media

By James Humes
December 14, 2018

Fans of all sports need a place to find information on their favorite teams and players. Since there are so many ways to find out this information both online and offline, fans sometimes have different ways to consume sports media.

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Sports media found online is one of the most popular ways of consuming media today. A quick online search or checking a sport’s media app is a great way of answering all your sports related questions and getting all your sports news updates.

“Whenever I want to see any sports-related, I just google it,” student Luke Kincade said.

Sports media social media accounts have become very popular in recent years. Accounts like ESPN’s Twitter can give live feedback to current events.

Just simply following a sports journalist like Stephen A. Smith on Twitter can give you immediate updates on sports news.

The Morning Consult reported that 58 percent of people aged 18-29 are more likely to watch an NFL game on social media.

There are forms of sports media that are not online but digital, like TV or radio. Sports radio and TV are still very popular today, and they offer distinct features that other outlets may not have.

Photo taken by I&B via Flickr.

Sports radio often has great personalities and more audience interaction in comparison to other media outlets. Sports TV networks often have more visually appealing aspects, like video highlights.

“I like watching ESPN [sports media network] for quick scores and highlights of games I might have missed,” student Chris Mundiath said.

Offline and non-digital sources of sports media are very-well used today as well. Print media like newspapers, magazines, and even books are still a great way of consuming sports news.

“I get sports news from the newspaper’s sports section because it gives the stats and injury updates without opinions,” student Gerald DeFruscio said.

Although many consumers of sport’s media may not agree on which method is the best to receive information, all can agree that the many methods can reach farther than ever before.

Today being able to get your sports news now is easier and faster than ever, but the choice on where to get information is harder than ever.

James Humes

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