Cabrini prepares for cold weather


By Sam Kirk
October 20, 2022

Winter necessities. Photo by Sam Kirk.
Winter necessities. Photo by Sam Kirk.

In Pennsylvania, the average annual snowfall is about 38 inches. The incoming winter weather welcomes freezing temperatures and harsh driving conditions.

Plenty of people are making preparations here on campus to ensure a stress-free winter for both residents and commuters. Some preparations students and commuters are making include, checking their winter apparel, and also getting their cars inspected.

Winter jackets are ready to go. Photo by Sam Kirk.

Regarding students who live off campus and need to drive to campus every day, the last thing they want is to break down or get into an accident on the way to school. Those who commute to campus will be accommodated when conditions are too harsh for driving. Public safety is prepared to work directly with Cabrini’s Facilities Department to ensure the proper guidelines are taken to ensure the safety of those who drive every day.


Commuter’s way to campus

Brendan King, junior commuter, shared preparations he is making for inclement weather conditions. “I actually just went and got my car inspected, and my tires rotated,” King said. Last winter, he said his car would skid out when it snowed, and it made him very nervous. 

Brendan King next to his vehicle. Photo by Sam Kirk.

Director of Public Safety Joe Fusco is already working with campus facilities staff and his officers. When conditions are too dangerous for driving, they will make sure to notify the university to send an email to all students informing them of the campus closure.

Ice is always an issue

Again, Public Safety is prepared to work with the Facilities Department to ensure safety for everyone who drives to Cabrini.

Fusco said officers began scouting locations where the most ice accumulates in freezing weather. There will be about 20 salt bins spread throughout campus to minimize black ice, one of the most dangerous parts of winter. Public Safety is trying to minimize injury to students and professors who walk throughout the campus. 

Fusco also said officers are provided with snow track boots that are designed for the winter weather. They have a durable rubber mudguard with a grip for added protection when working in icy conditions.

To ensure their safety while working in icy conditions, they will have salt spread units on the back of their gators. A gator is a four-wheeled vehicle that is smaller than a regular car. The gators will enable officers to get to paths where a regular-sized vehicle simply cannot. They will be able to salt the walkways that students and professors use daily.

Public safety will notify students via email when and where they will plow. Students also have the option to register for text message notifications. They will let students know if their cars need to be moved or if they are in the specific area to be plowed. 

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