Housing for Cabrini’s fraternity becomes an issue

By Chelbi Mims
October 21, 2010

Many rumors have spread that the new fraternity, Alpha Delta Gamma, will receive house 7 for the fraternity house.  This rumor is not true and the fraternity is going to have to find an off-campus-house and there are no plans in store for house 7.

“The fraternity is a student organization so there is no need to give them housing and no intention for fraternity housing in the future,” George Stroud, Dean of Students and Director Residence Life, said.

Many fraternity brothers were not down turned by the news of not getting on campus housing. They want to focus on the 5’ s of the fraternity and getting new pledges.

“Having a house would be nice but we are focusing on more important issues like fundraising, service and other school-related-activities,” Ian Arayata, treasurer of fraternity, sophomore accounting, said.

At the end of last year, house 4, house 7 and Rooymans were closed down as residence halls. Many who were supposed to live in these buildings were put in east or other residences. Now these students and many others are wondering what is going to happen with these buildings.

“House 7 was my favorite and I was so upset that I had to live in West Residence this year. I miss house 7,” Rodney Collins, senior business administration major, said.

Residence Life hopes to reopen the buildings.

The buildings were closed down because enrollment was down. Residence life said they hope to re-open both house 4 and house 7 soon for student occupancy, but that determination depends on the number of students enrolled.

“Enrollment numbers were down, so we decided that rather than having only a few people living in a house, we would consolidate to fill up our other buildings. The closing of these houses also gives the staff an opportunity to go through these buildings and make any necessary repairs.” Laura Shapella,assistant  director of resident life, said.

A record number of students are looking to or living off campus. Residence Life reports that usually most rising sophomores decide to stay on campus, with housing enrollment dropping with each higher-class level.

“Residence Life understands that oftentimes students want the experience of living off campus. However, by living on campus students don’t have to worry about rent, utilities, commuting in traffic and other headaches that are often associated with off-campus-housing. Living on campus also offers the opportunity to build a community with the other students in the building, an experience that is unique to on campus housing.” Laura Shapella, assistant director resident life, said.

Last year Rooymans became a all-women’s dorm and houses about 12 women. Now is it turning into a student center on Oct. 25.

“I never leaved in Rooymans and was not here when it was a dorm but I am really excited about the new student center,” Carly Cagle, freshman business administration major, said.

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Chelbi Mims

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