Hot or not: 50 hottest Cabrinians on Facebook

By Lauren Sharkey
October 7, 2005


According to their website, “The Facebook is an online directory that connects people though social networks at schools.” Facebook allows you to search for fellow classmates and to be connected with other students through groups. Two groups, The Official 50 Hottest Girls of Cabrini College and its brother group, The Official 50 Hottest Guys of Cabrini College, have taken the Cavs by storm.

The Official 50 Hottest Girls/Guys descriptions both read, “This group is the official 50 hottest girls/guys at Cabrini College. If you think you have what it takes, request to join. If invited, this is a rare honor few girls/guys can say they have earned. Competition will be stiff but see if you have what it takes to be officially one of the hottest girls/guys at this fine institution.” As with any other group, there are certain qualifications and rules that go along with being a part of a group such as this.

The candidates in both groups are chosen based on their Facebook pictures alone. In addition, members of both groups are encouraged to post pictures that flatter their physical attributes, and warn applicants that “picture forgeries will result in immediate and permanent expulsion”. However, the Official 50 Hottest Girls of Cabrini College is the only one of the two that warns its applicants there may be a chance of public ridicule if they are convicted of a picture fraud.

At the end of each month one girl has to pose in a picture with one of the administrators. The administrators of this group also express that even though there are 50 girls in the group, they are not the top 50, and that any girl has the chance to be knocked out of their spot.

Matthew Paris, the founder of the Official 50 Hottest girls of Cabrini College, said that he actually stole the idea for this group from a friend of his at another school. When asked “Why start a group like this?” his response was, “Why not? It’s a joke, it’s not meant for people to take seriously.”

Kristen Faulkenberry, a freshman secondary education major, said, “I applied to see if I was hot or not. I thought it was funny.” Yet, when I read the group’s description, she and her room mate Caitlin Gillespie, a freshman physical education major, said, “I don’t know. I mean, that’s horrible. I kind of want to leave now.”

Justin Barenbaum, a freshman member of the Official 50 Hottest Guys of Cabrini College, claims, “I’m very honored to be part of a such a prestigious group,” Barenbaum said adding a sarcastic smirk. Barenbaum agrees with Paris that this group isn’t really something to be taken seriously and says, “Big ups to the girls who made it, but try harder to the girls who didn’t. I think that their description is very harsh. I also think that there are a lot of pretty girls at this school and that every girl has the potential to be in that group. Why just 50?”

So if you think you have what it takes to be considered one of the 50 Hottest Cabrinians, apply for a spot. After all, it’s only a joke, right?

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Lauren Sharkey

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