Hot food at cool prices: Thai Pepper and Bertucci’s

By Staff Writer
February 14, 2002

All photos by Justine DiFilippo

“Poor college students,” this is a saying that many of students can relate to. So, where can college students eat that will not cost them an arm and a leg? There are many restaurants, diners, and unique eateries located just around the corner from Cabrini College that most students do not even know exist.

Dr. Seth Frechie, the all-knowing in the category of frugal dining spots in the area, gave some valuable suggestions for those who want good food at a reasonable price.

The Main Line may be pricey, but there are plenty of good and affordable locations. A favorite attraction for the English/Communications faculty, including Dr. Charlie McCormick and Dr. Frechie is Bertucci’s in Devon. They have great salads, pizza and pitchers of soda at a reasonable price.

Marbles, in Bryn Mawr, features mouth-watering specialties, such as the Mediterranean (a popular daily special) at a low price. You will find many people from Villanova at this eatery, as it is a common hang out for students.

Do you like hamburgers? Maybe you enjoy a greasy burger once in a while. Try Ruby’s Diner at one of its two locations in the King of Prussia Mall or in Ardmore. Ruby’s has a ’50s style atmosphere and a menu consisting of burgers, fries, shakes, etc. Just ask Dr. McCormick where his daughter’s favorite place to eat is and he will say, “Ruby’s at the mall.” “She simply loves the chicken fingers.”

Are you watching your weight? No problem. There are also affordable places to get the unique salads in town. Dr. Frechie suggests Salad Works (located in the mall) and Nudy’s in Devon. These places are pretty close to campus and have health foods, such as salads, soups and sandwiches. Nudy’s also has offers breakfasts, if anyone has a craving for a taste of the morning.

Are your parents visiting and you cannot find a place for them to take you? Well, look no further. Have them take you to Sullivan’s on Route 202. It is a bit pricey, but you are not paying, so eat up. The price is worth it.

Did you meet that special someone and have no idea where to take him/her for your first date? Dr. Frechie recommends Fellini’s in Ardmore. There, you will find a variety of pastas and a regional Italian ambiance that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Do you love foreign foods but do not know exactly where to go to find decent food at a low price? Thai Pepper, in Wayne, is perfect for those who love Thai food. The menu offers a wide variety of Thai and Chinese dishes. For Indian food, drive into Ardmore to Khajajoru for sensibly-priced Indian food on the Main Line. You can enjoy an elaborate lunch buffet that is cheap. Dinner, however, is a not so cheap, so be prepared to bring some extra cash in your wallet for this dining experience.

Chinese food is always a popular meal among college students. For Chinese variety, visit Bei Jeing in Bryn Mawr. Dr. Frechie’s mom says, “that it is the best around.” She likes to go there every Sunday, so he does not let her down. If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant and bite of sushi there is Osaka in Wayne.

Finally, there is always Minella’s, where you will always find Dr. Frechie.

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Staff Writer

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