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By Christine Ernest
October 21, 2005

Jerry Zurek

Joggers–“With a Cape and a Cane”–Startime International
You know a good record when you hear it, something inside you just twinges and your ears seem to perk up. No one can ever pinpoint why an album becomes a permanent fixture in his or her CD collection.

It’s either the vocals or the catchy guitar line or some distant percussion part. This falling in love with an album instantly occurred to me with The Jogger’s new “With A Cape And A Cane” album. Just in case you doubt the love at first listen phenomena that occurred to me, “Entertainment Weekly” also recently listed “With A Cape And A Cane” as one their most anticipated albums of the fall, ranking the boys next to artists such as Outkast, My Morning Jacket and Madonna.

Reminiscent of a less-polished Walkmen or labelmates The French Kicks, The Joggers sophomore effort is one fall release you should not ignore. The track “Night of the Horsepill” showcases what The Joggers are all about: grimy guitar lines, ringing harmonies and reflective yet bittersweet lyrics. This track takes a personal turn as it explains that in relationships, even after they end, the memories you have created with that person will remain with you forever.

Standout track “Wicked Light Sleeper” kicks off with a Futureheads-esque repetitive guitar and bass line that lasts the entire song. With start-stop vocals and one of those melodies you just can’t wrap your head around, this track definitely deserves the repeat button, plus spins on every specialty station. Having toured in the past with artists such as Hot Hot Heat, Ted Leo and The French Kicks, the Portland band plans on touring the United States almost non-stop throughout the year. You can find more information about The Joggers at or

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Christine Ernest

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