Honors students win national writing contest

By Caitlin Langley
February 26, 2004

The members of Delta Epsilon Sigma entered a National Undergraduate Writing Contest, and two of the members placed in the competition.

The contest is held every fall for campuses with a local chapter of the Delta Epsilon Sigma, a national honor society for students enrolled in Catholic colleges and universities. The contest is for members and non-members and has four different categories-creative writing poetry, creative writing prose, informal expository, and formal expository.

Judeanne Watters-Armenti, English and communications major in the honors program, came in second place, which included a cash prize of $250. She entered in the expository informal category and wrote a story called “Holey T-shirts.”

Matthew Surfess, an English major and also in the honors program, entered the creative writing prose category and received an honorable mention for his writing “Chorale Piece for Wolves.”

The winners advance to the national undergraduate competition. At this competition, prizes are awarded in first and second place and for honorable mention.

English and communications majors and also English majors that are not in the Delta Epsilon Sigma program can hear about things like the competition through emails from college advisers. The contest is for members and non-members so anyone can join in the contest, as long as they have something to write about.

Posted to the Web by Shawn Rice

Caitlin Langley

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