Home for the holidays

By Jill Fries
December 4, 2008

I cannot wait until Christmas vacation! Family, friends, sleeping in, holiday shopping, gifts, good food and of course, no school! Can it get any better? Not in my eyes. And it’s just days away.

I go Christmas shopping almost every day before the actual holiday and the crowds never put me in a bad mood. I am downright cheesy when it comes to Christmas, if you couldn’t tell already.

From wrapping every gift in my house that no one else feels like wrapping, to decorating the entire Christmas tree and baking cookies if no one else wants to, no scrooge here!

I try to watch every good Christmas movie that comes on TV and Christmas music is all I play in my car. The entire season just puts me in a cheerful, energetic and romantic mood. I do not think of school or work or anything stressful, but enjoy every minute of being home with everyone who cares about me.

Christmas vacation is a time that my family and I can truly bond. We are pretty traditional when it comes to the holidays.

My parents and I will spend a lot of time together shopping or watching movies, and then my brothers and I will unwrap our gifts Christmas day and reminisce on our adolescent days.

Of course that only lasts for so long until they gang up and embarrass me.

I see a lot of my extended family as well, which is always fun because I do not get to see them all the time. These times turn into memories and something to look forward to every year.

Not only do I enjoy spending time with my family, but I am a hopeless romantic! You have to be in love at Christmas time!

I know, cheesy again, but I love spending time with my boyfriend and making every day romantic, whether it is cuddling by the fire with hot chocolate or stopping to kiss under the mistletoe.

Christmas vacation is a time for us to show appreciation for each other and just have fun together with no stress. By the way, this is my fourth Christmas with the boyfriend. Thumbs up, right?

What’s more beautiful than a white Christmas? I know that’s what I am hoping for! The news a few days ago said we have a 30 percent chance of a white Christmas, but they’re always wrong so let’s be positive! Snow will make vacation even more exciting.

Christmas is not the only holiday over break. Can’t forget about New Year’s! Who doesn’t love New Year’s?

It’s an excuse to party all day on the eve of the new year, then all night into the new year and then all day again New Year’s day. It’s an excuse to get a kiss at midnight too. It’s also known as the time to start over, or set goals for yourself.

I have to feel bad for the Scrooges and Grinches out there who don’t love the holidays and aren’t happy like they should be. My heart goes out to those of you.

Actually, I think you’re crazy but I’m sure you have a good explanation.

Sorry to all of you winter athletes and others with commitments over the holidays.

I truly feel bad that I am rubbing my wonderful experience in your face. Enjoy what you can!

So play in the snow, spend time with those who care about you, fall in love and get a kiss at midnight.

Happy holidays everyone and enjoy the holiday vacation.

Jill Fries

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