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By Nina Scimenes
September 9, 2004

Cecelia Francisco

Dorm rooms are a place you call your home, so why not make it look like one? Decorating is a chance to put your personality on display. Transforming a small space into an organized living space is not as hard as it may seem, all you need are the right tools.

Before going shopping for necessities and accessories, take out the measuring tape. Moving heavy furniture around without knowing if it fits is a big hassle that can be easily avoided. Not to mention the hassle of moving furniture around in a small space. A great way to add space is by either bunking your beds or having them lofted. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from your neighbors for advice on rearranging the position of the furniture. An outsider’s eye is always good to keep around.

Now comes to the fun part, dressing up the bare walls. Cinder block can give off an instant feel of entrapment that needs to be escaped. Choosing what means the most to you in your life is the key to finding what fits your room best. Simply hanging posters and pictures is the first step to a cozy home-away-from-home environment. Another great way to cover up those bare walls is with a tapestry or blanket. They’re really big and add a splash of color to any wall. Another way to add color is to use a shower curtain as a make shift closet door. Besides adding color they also hide a messy closet.

Aside from the typical posters and favorite-framed photos, lighting and window finishing touches will add a polished look to your room. Accent lighting is perfect for many settings. Book lamps are good to keep around the area you plan on doing school work so you can read in a well lit area. Darker lighting is good to keep in mind for the times when you are having company at night and want it to be more of a calming atmosphere instead of the standard florescent-bright ceiling light.

You should not feel like a stranger to your own room. When you walk into your room after you have finished decorating you should feel as comfortable as you do in your own home with your family. Have a great time and good luck!

Before making any permanent decisions dealing with either your walls or your wallet, shop around. Afterthoughts are always good for finishing touches but brainstorming is much more important. Sketch an idea of what you want the finished product to look like so you do not have do something more than once.

Most department stores, such as Macy’s Sear’s, and JCPenny’s home and kitchen sections carry most of what you will need. Don’t forget to keep your eyes pealed for coupons that come in the mail for college discount sales.

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Nina Scimenes

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