Holy Spirit Library showcases contemporary art

By Holly Prendergast
March 12, 2010

A contemporary artist, whose work is now displayed on campus, defines art as what she loves to do and claims that there are no rules in art, it is an expression of oneself.

Many works of local artist Lorraine Glessner are on display on the second floor of the Holy Spirit Library, in the Grace and Joseph Gorevin Fine Arts Gallery.  Students and faculty gathered to examine Glessner’s contemporary works.

“I think it’s good that Cabrini offers this,” Mary Jacobs, sophomore communication major, said.  “I think her work is compelling and her use of media is different and I have never seen them before.”

Glessner grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia near Yardley, Pa.  Growing up she considered many different career paths such as being a lawyer, police officer and even an astronaut.

“When I was about 15 I realized I wanted to be an artist,” Glessner said.

After graduating high school, Glessner stated how her parents forced her to go to a four-year college and get some type of degree.

“I went to what is now Philadelphia University,” Glessner said.  “I studied textiles and received my undergraduate degree as a bachelor of science.”

Following her undergraduate studies, Glessner came to a realization that it was something she did not like. She decided to go to Temple University Tyler School of Art for her master’s degree.  After she completed her master’s, Glessner began working on her art and ultimately becoming a professional artist by the age of 30.

As a full time career, Glessner now travels the country and hosts workshops in many different cities.  Along with holding workshops, Glessner is an art teacher at her alma mater at the Temple University Tyler School of Art.

“My favorite part about teaching is when I share a moment or connection with a student,” Glassner said.  “It’s great when a student’s eyes light up and realize that they can do something.”

As for those who say that they know nothing about art, Glessner stated that there is nothing to know and she knows nothing herself.

“It’s about expressing yourself and doing what you love,” Glessner said.

At the gallery in the Holy Spirit Library, Glessner brought with her different pieces that could be passed around for students to touch and feel.  Some of the pieces included branded paper and wood, along with pieces of stained cloth.  These pieces were once part of her galleries that had either been damaged or ruined in some way.

While showing these pieces to the attendees, Glessner talked of how she gets her inspiration.

“I think of words, phrases, or just take in my surroundings, then all of a sudden something may hit me and I am starting my next piece,” Glessner said.

Taking in all of their surroundings, the students who attended were very interested in the work that was on display for them to see.

“I am glad that I came because it’s very interesting,” Nick Stauffer, senior (Major), said. “It’s good to see Cabrini move forward with the arts.”

It is apparent that Glessner takes great pride in all of her works and it is obvious that she has a true love for what she does.

“It’s what I was put here to do,” Glessner said. “I am supposed to be an artist.”

For more information on Lorraine Glessner and her works you can visit her Web site at www.lorraineglassner.net.

Holly Prendergast

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