Hollywood typecasting should be outlawed

By Ryan Cox
February 5, 2004

Cecelia Francisco

We all have favorite movies, and with that, favorite actors and actresses, but does anyone other than myself find the sudden wave of type-cast actors and actresses annoying. It is as if Hollywood has no new material, particularly in the “comedy” genre. For those who don’t know what type-cast means, it is when an actor or actress only plays a certain character that remains the same in all of their movies. When I think of actors that fit this profile, I think of none other than Ashton Kutcher. Here is a guy who started out as an idiot, did a TV show playing an idiot, and then, as an aspiring movie star, played a convincing role as an even bigger idiot in “Dude, Where’s my Car?” Although Kutcher seems to have created a universal staple of non-intelligence as a means of entertainment, he hasn’t convinced me with his new role in “Tthe Butterfly Effect.” All I could think of in this movie is how this “dramatic actor” is the same guy that wears those stupid “trucker hats,” and stages ridiculously played-out “Punk’d” episodes. (Actually, I hear he won’t return for the upcoming season because he would like to pursue his serious acting career, yea right Ashton.) Anyway, to sum up my thoughts on Ashton Kutcher, I would say simply “Dude, where’s your talent?”

Moving along, I find it a horrible tragedy that one of my favorite comedians/actors is slowly but surly surely falling into the same abyss of “can’t seem to shake a particular character in any of my movies.” This actor is Ben Stiller. Hilarious in nature, a truly gifted comedian, Stiller seems to make women sympathize for his innocent humor on screen, constantly tormented by a love he is pursuing, and makes men feel that life isn’t so bad so long as you don’t catch your Johnson in your pants zipper. But with this in mind, consider the fact that “There’s something Something About Mary,” was released six years ago, one would think that Stiller would move on from his role as a relationship-challenged individual. This is not the case. If you examine his career, you’ll see an over-abundance of characters that are stuck in a rut, particularly with women. So, after seeing “Along Came Polly,” and drawing the conclusion that Brad Pitt is the luckiest man alive, I’m still not convinced that Ben Stiller’s career will go anywhere from here. Let’s just hope he doesn’t end up a washed up comedian, who resorts to spoofing James Bond movies.

Overall, I hope to see Kutcher’s career dwindle and actors like Stiller rise up to their pre-typecast days. If anyone would like to email me regarding this or any of my other articles please do so, I am open for discussion. Have a nice day.

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Ryan Cox

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