Holiday Decor: White light wonderland

By Staff Writer
December 8, 2006

Meghan Hurley

Christmas is a time of love, family and the gift of giving. Along with the fantasticness of Christmas comes stress. You worry about gifts, money and having to spend time with that one family member you’re glad you only see once a year.

This is all trivial to me. I know I do as much as I can with presents and saving money, and I possess the great art of avoiding the family members I can’t stand.

The one thing I can’t seem to avoid is the blur of the gaudy-colored lights and inflatable SpongeBob’s that have taken over the lawns and houses of many across the nation. Colored lights are the one thing at Christmas time that makes me hate the season. Just looking at houses with colored lights gives me an ulcer.

I hate colored lights and I always have. I don’t know why, I just always thought that they were just, in one word, gaudy.

Yes. it is a matter of preference, and people should be allowed to decorate their homes however they choose, but I think that when it comes to Christmas time, there should be a guidebook to follow.

Homes with colored lights are automatically branded in my book as “over-doers.” These “over-doers” just have no idea when to stop putting up little Mickey Mouses and cut-out carol singers.

These people have thousands of things on their lawn. My question is, what is the point if you can’t even see what is being displayed?

On another note, the inflatable Homer Simpsons and Pooh bears. I didn’t know that these were memorable Christmas characters! I guess I should go back and do some reading. As for humongous Santa Clauses, why use them when they block out the view of the gaudiness behind them?

Every year, it is a huge tradition to drive around my neighborhood to find the most-gaudy house.

My older brother and sister would be trying so hard not to wet themselves when I hung myself out the window screaming, “GAUDY!” and almost scaring the homeowner out of their wits. After driving away, we would find the next gaudy house, going merrily on our way.

White lights are the way to go.

They are classy and sophisticated and make neighborhoods look so nice during the holiday season. Even red and green lights are fine with me.

Blue makes homes look warm but not too over the top. I just think that the multi-colored arrangement of lights goes above and beyond the need to decorate. Hire a decorator if you are that desperate to show your spirit.

But why, why I ask, must you show your Christmas spirit with the lights of orange and purple when it was not a colored light that led the three wise men to the baby Jesus. It was a clear, bright, white light of a star sent by God.

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Staff Writer

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