History repeats itself

By Nina Scimenes
April 29, 2004

Mark Garlit

“War on Terrorism” is an oxymoron. Declaring a war to create chaos in society is disturbing the peace just as much as unexpected terrorist acts. On Sept 11, 2001 America was attached by terror. Civilians going to work, or boarding a plane on the morning of Sept. 11 were unaware of the disaster they were about to be a part of, therefore it is obviously not an act of war. Those who witnessed the horrific attacks already started questioning the inhumane motives to commit such a terrible act of terror, but at the same time wanted to take revenge from the loss that they just had.

The distinguishing factors between a patriot and a non patriot are as close to those distinguishing war from terrorism. During the time of war, it is the hardest time to distinguish patriotism. There are many ways to display one’s patriotic beliefs because everyone’s definition of patriotism varies.

The “War on Terror” has resulted in many citizens dying in Iraq. Feeling sympathy for those who are indirectly involved with the war is the same as feeling sympathy for our families who were lost. Families who are affected by the war are no different than family members we lost during the day the World Trade Center collapsed in an act of terror in New York. I think that people serving their country have been dying in an attempt to create a more peaceful world. My question is, how can we live in a peaceful world if there is a war going on?

The media coverage of the war has been very vague, leaving out major details in the beginning of the war. If a lot of information is still being unveiled from three years ago, than one can imagine what is going on now. Behind the close doors of CNN and other major media coverage networks there could be more terror that we have not seen.

Political news coverage on the campaign for re-election of President Bush has a great to deal with our current situation of war. His presence during the Vietnam War is questionable. He was said to have served in the National Guard while countless numbers of his fellow Americans were dying in Vietnam during the war.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is only relevant because now is the time when people link patriotism to fighting for our country. It is up to the voting public to decide whether it is crucial that President Bush did not fight in the Vietnam War. Personally, I do not hold it against Bush for not fighting. I don’t think that all leaders have to be fighters. I like to compare his presidency to a coaching position. A coach of a sporting team would not be expected to play on the field with their team, so why would a country expect its president to have experience in war.

Since President Bush has already been elected by our country means that this issue had been ignored during the previous election.

It is important now to think about this because history may be repeating it self. With our troops still in Iraq there is still an ongoing need for more awareness. Being aware of these issues is very important because our generation has the power to elect the next president of United States.

Being behind our troops at home is something that patriotism is based on especially at a time when we would rather have our troops home. If fighting terrorism with terrorism is the only way to get closer to a peaceful world right now, then we should fight until we find another way. Even though the cause of the war is not purposely because of the terror attacks Americans still can relate to the way we felt back in 2001 to the way that Iraqis civilians must feel now as there country has transformed into a battlefield.

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Nina Scimenes

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