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By Staff Writer
April 18, 2002

Britney Spears’ is “Pinky,” Bill Clinton’s was “POTUS,” (President of the United States). There are nicknames for almost everybody and everything in the world.

Nicknames are used to both familiarize and shorten the formal name of things, for instance, people and cities. Philadelphia is “Philly,” and New York is “the Big Apple.” There are also nicknames in sports. The Phillies are known as the “Fightin’ Phils,” or their 1950s nickname, the “Whiz Kids.” Richie Ashburn was known as “Whitey” in his broadcasting days.

Chances are that nicknames are also part of a face-paced, rushed society; one where ordering a cheese steak with cheese whiz is known as a “steak with whiz.”

However, not everyone is thrilled with their nickname. I refer you to “Seinfeld,” where George Costanza (Can’t Stand Ya if you are his gym coach), tries to nickname himself “T-Bone.” The self-nickname does not work, and he is then called Koko (of gorilla fame). That was replaced with “Gammy,” after someone’s grandmother.

Some people even go so far as to name parts of their body. Country singer and theme park owner Dolly Parton named her breasts, “Twin Peaks.” Nicknames are also used to gloss over some otherwise uncomfortable words or parts of the body.

Parents nickname their children all the time. If you are a guy named after your father, chances are you get called “Junior” an awful lot. Nicknames are also used as a sign of affection between people. You’re shmoopy bear.no you’re shmoopy bear!

Whatever the case may be, nicknames have a way of sticking with people throughout their lives. So, you might want to think twice before you tell your friends about your hunting habits, less they should call you Fudd forever.

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Staff Writer

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