Health Watch

By Jana Fagotti
September 4, 2003

Angelina Wagner

Cigarettes that can help you stop smoking cigarettes. QUEST cigarettes claim to help smokers quit smoking. Unlike the gum or the patch offered by Nicodrem or Nicotrol, Quest lets smokers smoke to stop smoking.

Unlike other cigarettes, Quest has a lower nicotine content. There are three levels: Low nicotine, Extra low nicotine and Nicotine Free. Like other cigarettes, Quest contains charcoal in its filter. Charcoal is one of over four thousand different chemicals and two hundred known poisons contained in cigarettes, according to

The website also says that 450,000 cigarettes smokers die every year and one third of people who experiment with smoking are addicted by the age of twenty. To give you any idea of how many college students could be affected, this means that about 433 students of the 1,300 undergraduates at Cabrini College could be addicted.

Of the fifty million Americans who smoke, be the one person who says, NO.”

Jana Fagotti

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