Health fair worth more than just extra credit

By Staff Writer
April 3, 2003

It’s amazing that we have useful resources on this campus that most students just don’t seem to take advantage of.

For instance, the annual Health Fair held at the Dixon Center. I had an experience at one of these fairs that has forever changed my overall health.

Freshman year, I took a nutrition course in which we were offered extra credit if we attended the Health Fair and reported on one of the booths we visited.

I was too impatient to wait in line for a massage, so I decided to stop by the chiropractic table and have my back examined since I had been experiencing back pains for quite some time, but failed to see a physician for it.

The visiting chiropractor took one look at my “pain check list” and said “You’ve got quite a lot of problems for someone who is only 19. Maybe we should schedule an appointment in the office for a more thorough exam.”

Instantaneously, my first thought was “These people are scamming me so I will spend money on their services.” However, I did take his comments into consideration and scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor in my neighborhood.

Upon examination of my x-rays, it was discovered that I had vertebral subluxations. In Laymen’s terms – my spine was twisted. Need a visual? Take a strip of paper and twist it. That was my spine!

Then came the question of “How did this happen?” Considering my accident-prone childhood, many factors could have contributed to my injury. But which incident would be most logically matched with this injury? Then it hit me. Gymnastics! Of course I would be the only one in my seventh-grade gym class to get hurt during a back-walk-over gone awry, and like most junior high schools, the school nurse just gave me some ice and a Tylenol and sent me on my way, which became my personal solution for the pain from that point forward.

So there you have it. Due to the Health Fair, I because aware of an injury that I had been suffering from for more than five years, which could have led to even more serious problem if it had continued to go untreated.

You never know what may be afflicting you, so drop by the Health Fair today. Amazing things could happen.

Posted to the web by Matthew Cavalier

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Staff Writer

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