Have We Turned Into ‘The Jetsons?’

By Jessica Spriggs
November 8, 2001

Since its arrival, the Internet has become one of the most significant technological advances of current time. One can do almost anything on the web, from communicating with people, to conducting research, to shopping. Basically all one has to do is type a topic into a search engine and everything one could ever want to know on the subject will appear on the screen. College courses are even offered online. Virtually anything is possible with the assistance of the web.

It is especially common for college students to use the Internet for e-mailing friends and teachers,chatting online and doing research. While for many these are the only uses, for others, the Internet is a much more prominent factor in their daily lives.

Cabrini junior Jim McCrea is a computer major and plans on a future in the field of computer networking. “The Internet is very important because it’s used for research and gives you a broader span of research instead of just one library,” McCrea said.

Sophomore Lisa Esposito, although not particularly interested in computers, believes that the internet itself is only important for schoolwork and researching, but instant messenger is important for keeping in touch with people.

While it is apparent that the Internet is an integral part of most students’ daily lives, there are still those who find it to be unimportant as well as unhelpful. Kim Sheedy, a sophomore at Salisbury University, says that the Internet is a waste of time. She does not use it to research and she does not she have an e-mail address.

When asked his opinion on college students Internet skills, Information Systems Technology (IST) instructor Fred Schlossman said, “Students are coming in with very good Internet skills.” Schlossman confirms the schools believe that IST is an important class used to develop students’ computer capabilities. “Courses like IST are good because you can enforce what you learn in class,” Schlossman said. “You need the Internet for other classes, so it is beneficial.”

Whether or not one is Internet savvy or completely Internet illiterate, one computer activity that almost everyone enjoys is the game Snood. It is a more advanced form of Tetris and has kids addicted. It is not uncommon to walk past a dorm room in one of the residence halls and see a student sitting at their computer playing the game. The Snood Corporation has even branched out and made a Nintendo Game Boy advanced version. The Snood store carries items revealing the logo, “Property of Snood University,” as well as T-shirts, posters, hats, mugs and activity books for children. Snood has even made an appearance on the Fox TV show “Undeclared.”

Whatever the reason; e-mailing, downloading music, playing games or chatting online, the Internet is undoubtedly expanding and playing a significant role in the daily lives of many.

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Jessica Spriggs

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