Lacrosse player Harrison Schadt: back on the field after medical worries

By Grace Fox
September 26, 2019


Harrison #5 back on the field. Photo by Grace Fox

One of the most heartbreaking experiences for an athlete is being told they can’t play the sport that they have grown up to  love.

Harrison Schadt, senior communications major, was told those exact same words by his doctor a year ago. He had tricuspid valve disease also known as TVD, which means the tricuspid valve is narrowed and doesn’t allow enough blood to pass through into the right ventricle, but he never had any problems with his condition.

He was not able to play lacrosse his junior year of college due to his condition. 

“It was tough having to sit out last year and for not playing in the national championship game.” Schadt said. 

Being told by his doctors was scary for Schadt and made him think he would never play again. 

“Yes definitely last year my doctor shut me down for everything. I wasn’t able to play or workout for a whole year so there was definitely some doubt I wouldn’t be able to come back.” 

Being able to play again during his senior year had to have been the best news he heard in a while, but Schadt definitely had some worries that something could go wrong during the season.

 “I feel as good as ever and getting clearance from my doctors gives me some peace of mind,” Schadt said.

 “It took about four months and three different doctors but after seeing a heart surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, he said my condition wasn’t as concerning as we originally thought. I was extremely happy and so was my mom. She even started to cry,” Schadt said. This news wasn’t only good for him but for his family. The joy in his mom’s face said it all.

He isn’t the only one who is excited that he’s coming back to the field. The whole team is so happy. One of his closest friends, Bobby Cressman, senior criminology and sociology major, was even more excited.

 “I am ecstatic for Harrison to be back on the team. He is a great teammate and friend, and it’s going to be great to see him back on the field.” 

When it comes time to be back on the field in the spring season, his teammates know he is going to make it out on top. 

“He is a very talented player and understands the game well. Looking forward to the season and seeing his impact on the team,” Cressman said.


Schadt doing the media for the team. Photo by Grace Fox

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Grace Fox

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