‘Hard Candy’ cracks the charts

By Christina Michaluk
April 24, 2008

The start of summer is right around the corner. Artists are releasing new sounds for the new season.

The biggest buzz is coming from Madonna’s new album “Hard Candy” that dropped Tuesday, April 29.

The hit single “4 Minutes” has been making its way up the music charts since its release.

It gives the fans just a taste of what is to come with her new album.

“‘4 Minutes’ is a great club song. ‘Devil Wouldn’t Recoginize You’ is even better and will probably be even more popular than the first single,” Eric Gibble, freshman communication major, said.

“Hard Candy” is Madonna’s 11th album to be released.

This is another chance for the music icon to redefine herself once again. Madonna is known for her eccentric styles to shock and amaze her audiences.

Madonna is a megastar no matter what she is doing at the moment.

Radio stations across the nation waited in anticipation for the new album. Stations had a weekend tribute of her biggest hits.

She has already beaten Mariah Carey’s sales from her recently released album.

Internationally, Madonna’s album sales are making a mark.

It has already gone platinum in the Netherlands and gold in Finland on its first day.

Madonna is breaking all the rules when it comes to digital music sales.

The sales from her hit single “4 Minutes” have risen to over five million.

This now makes it the second single to break the top sale number.

Artists such as Kanye West, Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams make vocal appearances.

Madonna delivers hip-hop and dance beats keeping to her true style and flair.

The new album is having a big impact so far and is sure to continue to make waves as the sales continue to rise.

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Christina Michaluk

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