Hands-on experience and networking proves a plus for current science majors

By Lauren Mineo
April 3, 2003

Science majors will be equipped with a fiercer competitive edge come November of 2005 when the new science building opens for classes. Until then, these students must continue on their career paths by acquiring internship experience, networking and maintaining an impressive grade point average.

Aside from the new technology that they will have access to, science majors will possibly be working amongst a small biotechnology or science company. In the building, a particular space is being saved in hopes that Cabrini will be able to lease the area to a small or beginning science company. “Hopefully this will provide student internships ‘in-house’ and provide exciting collaboration opportunities for faculty,” Dr. Kimberly Boyd, assistant professor of biology, said.

Dr. Sherry Fuller-Espie, chair of the Science Department, believes that the new facility will entice SEPCHE to “join forces” with Cabrini, meaning guest speakers and summer lectures will possibly be more readily accessible. The building will bring opportunities to Cabrini’s students as well as to the college itself.

Some students are not able to see the opportunities that are already before them, and there are many. To find jobs to increase skills in the sciences, openings can be found in the Philadelphia Inquirer, on monster.com, in the journal, “Science” and through placement agencies that require the temporary fill of positions such as Yoh Scientific and Kelly Scientific Resources. These companies can provide temporary positions at large corporations like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline that can “lead to better things,” Fuller-Espie said.

Boyd and Fuller-Espie equally stressed the importance of contact with department faculty members. “Develop very strong ties with your faculty. They will write recommendations for you and they are a wealth of knowledge,” Fuller-Espie said. Because the faculty have been members of the scientific community for a long period of time, they have brought with them all of the contacts that they made and are able to lend these to their students.

One prevalent aspect with a positive outcome of many majors is the internship. Internships are mandatory for all science majors, meaning that they receive some type of hands-on experience before they leave Cabrini College. “Roll up your sleeves. Get your hands dirty,” Fuller-Espie said. Here, students learn skills that they can apply to jobs and even to interviews.

With every field, interviewing proficiency is essential to attaining key jobs and the field of science is no different, mentioned Boyd. Those in the science department have proved themselves so far in their fields. “Our majors are very successful at finding jobs and advancing quickly once there,” Boyd said.

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Lauren Mineo

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