Halloween traditions change

By Staff Writer
October 30, 2008

As the years go by, have our holiday traditions changed? This year what are Cabrini students doing differently to celebrate Halloween, or aren’t they?

Kevin Wellman, sophomore communication major, was quick to say, “I gave up trick-or- treating like three years ago, now all I do is go to parties with friends and dress up in creepy costumes.” Later he said, “But if I could still run around and get candy I would, I just feel I’m too old for that now.”

Meanwhile, freshman mathematics major Brittany Hume, tells of her Halloween plans this year with much enthusiasm. “I am going to dress up like a 1920’s flapper girl and go trick-or- treating early, and then go party! I’m still going to trick o-r treat; I love candy.”

Freshman biology major Lisa Gomez put a shocking twist on things. “I don’t celebrate Halloween at all. I don’t believe in it because it’s against my Christian beliefs. I was raised to believe that it’s the devil’s holiday. My parent’s never dressed me up but I’ve seen my neighbors dress up and go trick-or-treating.” During the interview Lisa divulged a secret remarking, “One Halloween my brother and I put baseball caps on, somewhat dressed up and trick or-treated just to go out and get the candy. My parents didn’t know.”

When senior Spanish and biotech major Laura Goodfield was asked about her Halloween traditions, she explained to me how festive she has always been. “Growing up I remember great memories at my grandma’s house. She would host family parties and give out up to 300 goody bags to children. I still to this day go home and trick-or- treat; visiting all the same houses I did growing up.”

In anticipation of Freak Week and all the festivities the campus has to offer without a doubt, Halloween at Cabrini is going to be an extravagant time! For all you trick-or-treaters, you won’t want to miss Cabrini’s trick-or-treat fun going on Halloween night going at 11 a.m. in Founder’s.

Staff Writer

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