Halloween costumes

By Ashley Randazzo
October 28, 2005


Halloween welcomes a sexy spin to this year’s festivities. Costumes like “The Little Mermaid” and “Tinkerbelle” have a new feverishly hot look to them. Popular demand is not all about sexy costumes, there are still some popular, but not-so-sexy, costumes available.

There are many popular costumes that aren’t too over-the-top for this year. For women, some top costumes include flappers from the 1920s, belly dancers, super heroes and various Disney characters. For men, the popular choices are characters from the Matrix motion picture, the traditional vampires, ghouls and the ever-so-famous Scream character, according to http://couponing.about.com/cs/toppicks/a/halloween2003.htm.

The newer generation of Halloween costumes has proclaimed its new trend: more sex please! Although there have been costumes questionable up until now, this is the first time that publics are now invited to bask in their own sexiness, even if it is for one night.

English and communication major Amanda Stout says her and her friends have their Halloween costumes all set. They will be the cast of “The Wizard of Oz” with a bit more sex-appeal. That means shorter skirts and a little bit more skin showing for these girls, but who could complain? Who better to play an adult game of dress-up with than with a group of your closest friends?

This year, just like every year, there are some very creative and humorous costumes for those who want to really step outside the box this year. Costumes like these include a beer keg, a kissing booth, a mail order bride and a pimp. These costumes will not only make you the talk of the campus, but will make you a legacy for Halloweens to come!

Sophomore Jennifer Fang is planning on enjoying her Halloween in the threads of a kitty cat. Fang said, “Nothing too over the top, some black stuff on my face for whiskers and a nose and ears and a tail.” It is a pretty simple costume for those who are not looking to be the center of attention. Just enough to be the cat’s meow.

Having a hard time to decide what to do for this year’s party? Great group costumes will do the trick. Costumes like Grease’s “Pink Ladies” will be perfect for any party, or even dressing up like some of the Disney princesses would be a nice idea for friends to do together.

Couples can even enjoy Halloween in their own special way by choosing a theme for both of them. Popular costumes to suit you and your significant other are Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, Shrek and Fiona, Austin Powers and Felicity Shagwell, Danny and Sandy from Grease and Batman and Catwoman, according to http://www.costumecraze.com/Couples-Costumes.html.

Though trends this year for Halloween are hot and steamy, there are other choices to pick from. Don’t run from this holiday; the ghosts, goblins and vampires might get you anyway!

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Posted to the web by Matt Schill

Ashley Randazzo

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