Haitian Awareness

By Domenique Pinho
November 18, 2005

Kasey Minnick

Thousands of Haitians wait patiently in Haiti for a ticket to America. In Philadelphia this process is eased through an organization of people who assist these thousands during their application process and guide them during their time in America.

Dr. Franz Latour,a speaker on Cabrini Day, was born in Haiti and currently working with incoming immigrants from Haiti. Latour spoke about the immigration process and the health issues in Haiti. This organization is privately paid for through donations and other private companies. In this organization there is an after-school program, which is the only activity that Philadelphia pays for.

Latour said, “You never know what to expect.” In addition he stated that the organization is focused on helping immigrants at any time. For instance, if someone had received documents and notified him past “office hours,” it is his job and responsibility to act as a counselor to this person and help no matter what the circumstance.

This specific organization focuses predominately on health awareness in Haiti. Latour spoke on the recent research of breast cancer and said, “We decided to write a proposal to educate Haitian women on Breast Cancer.”

Through this organization the women are now scheduled for regular mammograms and learn the importance of health.

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Domenique Pinho

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