Hair a key component to self-expression

By Kelly Bush
January 22, 2018

When looking at a person, one of the first impressions you have of them is how they wear their hair. All people have all different types of hair. Every religion and every race has a different way they wear it.

Hair is more than just something that is on a person; it is something that is a part of them— a way to express yourself.

Women and men feel empowered through hair and use it to express themselves.

Briana Ramos is a 20-year-old hair stylist. Ramos has been doing her own hair since she was 13 and doing others people hair since the age of 16.

“The best part about doing hair is you can see the difference in the attitude of your client,” Ramos said.

Ramos was able to pay for her senior dues by doing other people’s hair and feels it was a fun and easy way for her to make money.

In 2016, the hair care market was worth about $83.1 billion is expected to reach $105.3 by 2024 because of the exponential growth.

Hair is one of the most important features on your body. Even if you do not prefer any hair style, it is mandatory to keep it tamed. In order to do that, hair care companies provide shampoos and hair products for healthy hair. According to the The Middle East and Africa market, the variation of the hair products, hair colors, styling products, oils, conditioners and shampoos are influencing more consumers across the region to buy.

Hair is one part of a person that is very versatile. People can wear their hair up on a lazy day, in a braid or even just in a plain ponytail. When it comes to braids, there are many different types of braiding people do: cornrows, individuals, Havana twist, French braids, faux loss and more.

These different styles give people a way to show a more fun, funky style. The products that are used for different hair styles also vary. There are different types of gels, hair mousse, holding sprays and straight or curly hair sprays.

Right now, AXE is senior Jake Cheeseman’s favorite hair product. He likes that it gives him the messy hair look and helps him achieve whatever he is going for. To Cheeseman his hair is his identity.

“It’s a way to express yourself and try different things and people start to recognize you because of it,”  Chesseman said. What Chessmen likes best about his hair is that when it grows out, there is a lot he can do with it.

Rather you experiment with your own hair or let others take over it is always fun. Junior Brierra woods changes her hair once a month. She feels that this defines where she comes from.

Though some people hesitate to change their hair for fear of judgement or discrimination, Woods said she has received no backlash because of it.

Woods said, “I do not feel like people have judged me because of my hair, but they have copied me.”

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Kelly Bush

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