Gun violence: it affects everyone

By Jeffery Williams
January 14, 2020

One major problem that has affect many people around the world is gun violence. Over the past decade, gun violence has been an ongoing problem in the United States. The violence has taken place in schools and businesses.

Gun violence is one of America’s majors problems. Due to gun violence many Americans, as well as non-citizens have been killed. I had not become fully aware of this problem until at the age of 13 when my older sister and I were at gunpoint. Though we managed to survive, the incident taught me and my family that there are people out there that will kill you for no reason.  Now in present day 2020, the problem with gun violence is that it gets overlooked and occurs so frequently that it gets little attention. I feel as though the government doesn’t look at this as a significant issue. Many politicians pay more attention to the rights of gun owners than they do to the families who have lost the lives of loved ones.

Gun violence awareness in Philadelphia instagram page. Photo screenshotted by Jeffery Williams

One study, ” School Safety ” show that gun violence in K-12 schools have risen since 2018.  The U.S government has decided to increase security in schools to decrease gun-related incidents and also enforce school lockdown drills. Despite this, the gun-related incidents were still spiking in high school and colleges. For example, the Valentine’s day shooting in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, the Santa Fe high school shooting in Texas and the one at the University of North California. Another important fact is that there might be other reasons that cause people and young minors to buy firearms. In 2019 adults have speculated that student bullying and cyberbulling play a part in the school shootings. As other adults blame modern day media such as tv and video games for the reason.

Businesses have also been affected by gun violence in the U.S.  “The Impact of Gun Violence on Businesses in the United States” talks about how the survivors of gun violence in the workplace have been affected. It is known that this can cause employees to be injured or deeply traumatized. Though this affects employees, it can also affect customers too with sales and employment rates dropping. The article points out that the average of employees who aren’t able to work due to gun-related injuries comes to $50,787. Now, customers are urging businesses and corporations to fight for gun safety laws. They believe that businesses  and companies  should keep their employees, customers and their community safe. Everybody is put at risk due to gun violence the situation needs to be handled.

Even here in Philadelphia, gun violence is a major problem.  In the article “‘They shot my baby’: Teen among dead as 7 killed, 12 shot in violent weekend in Philadelphia” in just one week in January, there have been multiple homicides. The shootings have taking place in multiple areas including West Philadelphia, Strawberry Mansion, Lehigh Avenue and North Philadelphia. The police had no leades to who was behind the murders. What is known is that the people who have been murdered were all male and most minors, with a few being adults. More that is known is that this left residents shocked and families sad about the incidents that occurred.

Unfortunately, one my childhood friends was a victim involved in the gun incidents in North Philadelphia. It hurts me knowing that parents have to live knowing that children have been murdered. But what really makes me mad is how this problem isn’t being dealt with and stricter gun laws aren’t being enforced. Hearing that kids at school, people at work or innocent bystanders are being shot and killed is upsetting.

Jeffery Williams
Gun violence rally on North Broad street. Photo by Jeffery Williams






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Jeffery Williams

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