Guilty pleasures: Things we love, but hate to admit

By Katie Clark
February 15, 2007

Many different people have a few guilty pleasures that they would hate to actually admit to. Most of the people around Cabrini’s campus have some very interesting guilty pleasures. Many students confessed up to some of their fun, sometimes embarrassing guilty pleasures.

Mostly everyone has some sort of guilty pleasure, one being different types of fast food meals. “I know that it is bad for you, but I love eating a hamburger once in a while,” Bridget McNulty, a sophomore secondary education major, said. Even the teachers can agree with this one. “I love to eat my french fries,” Dr. Maria Hallion, an associate professor of exercise science and health promotion, said.

Some others go from reading to shopping sprees. Many of the women love to shop but in reality do not have the money that they are spending. Many students can agree on spending way too much money while being a poor college student.

“My guilty pleasure is spending my parents’ credit card. It’s so easy,” Nikki Tarshis, a sophomore graphic design major, said. Many other students love to read just for pleasure, not for school. “I just finished this great book; my guilty pleasure is definitely reading these historical fiction books. They’re so interesting,” Kelly Devlin, a sophomore history major, said.

Other ones can consist of many different types of television shows, the internet and other forms of entertainment. Many of the men admitted to liking television shows that they seemed ashamed of. They watch shows like “Laguna Beach,” “The OC,” “One Tree Hill” or “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“I hate to admit it but I am addicted to all the girly soap opera shows, like ‘Laguna’ and ‘One Tree Hill,'” Bill Langlois, a sophomore politics major at Marymount University, said.

On the other side of entertainment, many students can agree on being addicted to the Internet. “Myspace is definitely my guilty pleasure. It can be so addicting,” Lisa Romano, a sophomore criminal justice major, said. Many of the faculty can agree with this point as well. “My guilty pleasure. EBAY,” Dr. Melissa Terlecki, an associate professor of psychology, said.

After reviewing the responses around campus, it is clear that mostly everyone has at least one guilty pleasure that they like to hide. It seemed to be that more women’s guilt went towards eating different types of food, like fast food restaurants or some type of junk food, while many of the men’s guilt leaned more towards a type of television show or movie. Guilty pleasures are everywhere, waiting to grow on someone’s bad habit.

Katie Clark

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