Growing to appreciate sports

By Michael Sitiriche
April 22, 2004

It’s funny how my perspective on sports has changed over the years. When I was younger I couldn’t believe why people would waste their time to watch on T.V. what they could watch in person. I couldn’t stand being home and wanting to watch a movie or even a cartoon show and having the rest of my family be too busy watching the Mets game.

I hated baseball there was nothing more unbearable to watch or even play then those sports. I guess because when I was five I was forced to play baseball untill I was 13. Maybe it was because there wasn’t a game that a pitch didn’t hit me. I must have had at least three bruises per game. My brother was the baseball god. Everyone always though he would make it to the major leagues, I personally couldn’t care less.

When I was younger I wished for sports to be illegal, because once one season of a sport ended another season began, baseball, basketball, hockey and football it seemed to never end. When we would have family functions the topic of sports would always come up and I would just walk away and get food. The only sports that I enjoyed to watch were soccer, track and boxing. I loved to play and watch soccer and track. Boxing was just a sport I loved to watch. I would go and watch boxing with my grandfather and my parents and I would get all involved like they did for the sports I hated.

Now I enjoy sitting down and watching a baseball game, turning on the TV and watching a basketball game or football game. Just recently while I was home I remember turning on “SportsCenter” and watching it for a few hours. My family asked me if I was ok, then I asked myself the same question. I guess with having roommates who enjoy sports and friends who constantly watch “SportsCenter” I folded and gave in to the one thing I hated. Don’t get me wrong I still can’t stand hockey and probably never will.

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Michael Sitiriche

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