Growing Up as a Triplet

By Lia Ferrante
October 6, 2011

Growing up as a triplet is a blessing. I get to be surrounded by my two best friends all the time and get to witness them grow up as the beautiful women they are. My life wouldn’t make sense without them.

We grew up in the tourist town of Wildwood Crest, N.J. all of our lives. My mother, Lisa Ferrante, and father, Emilio Ferrante, were shocked when hearing they were going to be receiving triplet daughters on the cold and windy night of Halloween. My mother had just deivered her first child 14 months earlier with my brother, Emilio Ferrante Jr., so life was anything but easy. The Ferrante family was growing in just a little over a year.

Since day one we have never left each other’s side. That all changed once high school graduation was heading our way and filling out college applications was our main priority. All our lives we have been attached to the hip. We always had the same group of friends and being in the same classes. For college years, we wanted a change.

The three of us have always been really close. We always tell each other everything and we are also really close with our parents and our brother. Our big Italian family is perfect in my eyes and I am so blessed to be a part of it. Going away to college separately definitely made each one of us appreciate each other more and going home is always the best feeling in the world. Being surrounded by the people who know me the most and seeing my family together again is breathtaking and I miss it every day while I am up here. When deciding where to go to college, we all wanted to be in the same
area but go to different schools. The area of Radnor caught our eye because of the mall being so close,
the schools around here were small and we
had a lot of our extended family near us.

Marissa Ferrante, sophomore business major, attends Immaculata University and loves every minute of it. She is my identical twin and we know each other’s thoughts and emotions and we are constantly talking to each other. She’s always putting a smile on my face and we are always giggling and joking with each other. She’s my other half.

Danielle Ferrante, sophomore accounting and finance major, attends Eastern University and I get to see her basically every single day. She is my fraternal twin. I love knowing she is only a walk down the way and we have gotten a lot closer being so close in distance to each other. She gives the best advice anyone could ever have. She is constantly being positive and I really appreciate everything she does for me. Danielle and I visit my sister Marissa on the weekends a lot by train.

I love going to different schools because I get to meet each one of my sisters’ friends and get to experience their environment at school. It’s also a fun getaway to visit them. Our parents and brother are always in constant contact with us and we get to see them every two weeks, which is perfect.

I appreciate having my sisters every day. There isn’t a day that goes by I am not thinking about them and wishing they were here to witness me grow and watch my future blossom at school. Every time we get to see each other it is one of the happiest days of my life. College life is allowing me to grow up and become an individual; but I will never let go  of the amazing bond I have with two other extraordinary women who share the same blood and birthday as me.

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Lia Ferrante

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