Graffiti upsets student

By Ashley Randazzo
December 1, 2006

As I get ready start my day of classes, meetings and other miscellaneous errands, I am stopped dead in my tracks in the doorway of house five by one of my residents laughing and mentioning something being painted on the outer wall of my house. Much to my disgust, there is a giant, anatomically correct, red spray-painted penis on my house. If that wasn’t bad enough, a number of residential vehicles were tagged with the same vulgarity, some much worse than others. To this day, Public Safety along with Radnor Police are still uncertain who would do such a thing.

What bothers me is this choice picture is still in plain view for all students, visitors and prospective students to see. Of course someone tried to clean it off house five, but it is still visible. In fact on a cloudy day, the picture looks just as good as it did without it being cleaned.

Why isn’t it considered a priority to clean off such a disgusting sight? Cabrini’s beautiful campus is not only what attracts many students and parents but also earns the love of the current students too. The picture of the penis creates not only a bad image for Cabrini, but also a bad image for House five.

As the resident assistant of this residence hall, I could not be more displeased of how this situation was handled. The defacing of property that I call home really gets to me, but what even upsets me more is the lack of caring to fix it. How hard is it to slap a little paint on the big red penis? I honestly don’t care if isn’t the exact same color, anything is better then the way it looks now.

The students have to look at this picture everyday, not to mention the residents that live in the house have to bring their guests and visitors there and explain the story repeatedly. It makes no sense to me why Cabrini wouldn’t take first priority to cover up something so huge.

Cabrini needs to stop worrying about doing something extraordinary and get their priorities back in order with what needs to be done on campus versus off. A giant red penis for all to see is the last thing that should be associated with Cabrini College.

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Ashley Randazzo

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