Graduating confident

By Christine Graf
April 16, 2009

Shannon Keough

Four years at Cabrini has prepared me for the “real world.” Something every parent, faculty member or perspective student wants to hear. Luckily for me, it’s true.

My time here has not only prepared me for the working world but has enriched my knowledge of other worlds.

Entering Cabrini College four years ago, I had little expectations besides that fact that I needed to go to college and get a degree. I was an undecided major and used my college success class and advisor to steer me in the right direction.

My advisor, who happened to work in the Co-op and Career Services Office, encouraged me to take a wide variety of intro classes, even if I didn’t think I was interested in them.

As a sophomore, I landed in Intro to Mass Communications and fell in love. I loved learning about the world and felt it was important to know what was happening outside of my normal comfort zone. It fascinated me.

After declaring my major as English and communication, my career really took off from there. I enrolled in journalism becoming a staff writer and then promoted to Deputy Editor. I got involved in other media’s such as video, and was part of a class that used different medias to create a Web site.

I became a leader within my major and got to incorporate my interest within my courses. I didn’t go looking for any of it; I just stumbled upon opportunity and said, “Yes, I’ll do it.”

Within my major, I took a course called Career Development that I was required to take every semester. In that class I learned the importance of internships, and through my advisor and the Co-op and Career Services Office, I’ve had three very intense and diverse internships.

They also require you to do a mock interview as a senior that prepared me for my job search.

The Cabrini College communication department made it easy for me to make the right decisions that would prepare me for the real world, by letting me know exactly what I needed to do to be a competitive perspective employer.

It was no secret, everyone received the same advice and the ones who listened are the ones ahead of the game.

I listened, and I feel confident in my upcoming job search although the current state of the economy might be an obstacle.

Recently I was asked the question, would you choose Cabrini College again if you could do it all over, and my answer is absolutely, especially now looking back at all the opportunity and experience I’ve received here.

I’m thankful for my Cabrini College education and look forward to being a part of the alumni community.

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Christine Graf

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