Government officials make tough decisions to revise economic stimulus bill

By Editorial
February 12, 2009

We are all well aware that the economy is falling apart before our eyes, but is a stimulus bill the solution to getting our country back on its feet?

Republicans in the House of Representatives believed that the stimulus bill created last week would not end the current economic downturn and that the package needed to be revised before being passed, which resulted in no Republican votes for the bill.

A majority of Democrats in the House supported the original economic recovery package, while no Republicans did, but would college students be on board?

The current package is aiming to restore up to four million jobs, which would take care of the number of people who have recently lost their jobs. However, every year over one million students graduate from college and are in search of jobs; should more jobs be created in the stimulus bill?

If college students had the ability to weigh in on bills such as the current stimulus package, would we agree with Congress or would we want to revise how much money is going to be distributed?

It is our generation that will have to pay for the current economical mistakes, therefore, it is imperative we understand the implications that come with this bill.

President Obama has hope that the stimulus will boost the economy, but some say the cost is too low and that a figure closer to $2 trillion is needed, while others believe is amount should have been significantly lower.

Regardless if the bill passes at $838 billion or $2 trillion, all this money is going to be borrowed from other countries. How could borrowing even more money help the economy?

The idea is that the bill will stimulate the economy by putting people back to work through investments in areas such as healthcare, education and infrastructure.

Of course we all hope our economical troubles can be solved by this stimulus package but is it being passed too soon, without much thought?

President Obama believes if we do not pass the bill immediately, our country could fall even further, but is a week’s deliberation enough time to determine such a crucial decision?

Obama wants to include a tax cut for the middle class; families could also get aid with a partially refundable $2,500 per-student tax credit, which can help with the high cost of college.

These tax reliefs will definitely be needed as our country takes on more debt. One trillion dollars to be exact.

Will the stimulus package really have a lasting affect on our country and the world college graduates are about to enter?

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