My take on the Gorilla Girl Glue ordeal

By Sydnee Reddy
April 9, 2021

Got 2b Glued Hairspray Photo by Sydnee Reddy


A TikTok went viral this month after a woman used Gorilla Glue as hair spray when she ran out of her hairspray and her hair permanently locked in place.

Early February Tessica Brown from Louisiana went viral on Tik Tok after in a video, she explained that her hair has been stuck for over a month after she used Gorilla Glue adhesive spray when she ran out of Got2b hair spray. In the video, she says she washed her hair 15 times but nothing changed.

After blowing up on social media, she was sent a lot of support, even from celebrities such as Chance The Rapper. Even Beyonce’s long-time hairstylist offered her services by possibly getting her a wig or helping her with scalp care. The Gorilla Glue company itself even showed support to her and also released a statement emphasizing not to get it on eye, clothing or skin.

“Gorilla Glue, 9/2014, by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube #Gorilla #Glue” by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Three days after posting the video and getting advice from others online for possible solutions, she finally decided to check herself into St.Bernard Parish Hospital. At the hospital, they gave Brown Sterile water and acetone wipes to help break down the product in her hair but sadly those didn’t work. 

Brown created a Gofundme page to help cover her medical bills with the goal being $1,500 but ended up raising $24,000.

According to TMZ, Brown was going to file a lawsuit against Gorilla Glue for the whole ordeal but she has since denied those claims.

Brown got an offer from Dr. Michael Obeng who is the director of MiKO Plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills to perform a procedure to help get the glue out of her hair. The procedure was estimated to take two to three days to completely get rid of the glue and the cost of it was $12,500 but he gave it to her free of charge.

Because of Dr. Obeng, they got the glue out of her hair and she didn’t lose all of her hair. Instead of keeping the Gofundme, she made from the whole ordeal Brown decided to donate the money. $20,000 of it will be donated to the Restore World Wide Foundation which is an organization that offers reconstructive surgery to developing countries. The leftover $4,000 will go to three families from Brown’s area. Before she could donate the money her GoFundme account became under investigation for fraud after many people said it was a fraudulent account.  Gofundme released the funds to Brown and she was able to donate the money.

As someone who is very active on social media and what’s going on, I of course heard about Brown and her journey with the Gorilla glue stuck in her hair. I think that Brown did not do this to get famous. I don’t think it was her intention at all, I’m just appalled that she ended up in this situation in the first place.  

My main problem is that the Gorilla Glue adhesive spray looks nothing similar to the Got2b hair spray so this action wasn’t done without knowing or by accident. Secondly, what was her thought process in deciding to use super glue on her hair, what exactly did she think was going to happen? We are told on the bottle of superglue no matter what form it comes in not to put it on your skin, so what in her mind would make it seem like it was okay for her to put it on her scalp. Also, why didn’t she just go to any store and pick up the Got2b hair spray, or used another product to hold down her hair? 

At the end of the day I have so many questions about this entire ordeal but I am glad that Brown is doing very well and got to keep her hair.

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Sydnee Reddy

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