Good friends are hard to find

By Cristin Marcy
November 21, 2002

Steph Mangold

“A friend is someone who will bail you out of jail. A best friend is the one sitting next to you saying, “Boy, that was fun!”
I love my friends, and I would do anything for them. When living on campus you start to form a special family with your close friends. These friendships have the potential to last a life time. To have this bond, one must be a true friend and to be a true friend one must be honest and unmerciful.
Friendship is honestly the most important thing you will learn from your four years living on campus. The importance of friendship is to tell your friend what you think when you think it. You have to be totally truthful to them no matter how much it hurts. Think about it; your family tells you the truth even if it hurts. They are only trying to protect you. Yes, college is all about being independent but it is imperative to have people, your close friends, looking out for you.
Never ever be afraid to confront your friends with information they do not want to hear. When something is bothering you, tell that person, do not hide. If you do you are not being a true friend. True friends are unmerciful and want you to succeed in life, therefore would do anything to help you.
On the other hand, if you confront a friend or tell them your sincere opinion and they do not respect it, then perhaps that person was not really your friend to begin with. If a true friend cannot take your honest opinion and get some good out of it maybe they do not deserve to have your respect or your friendship in the first place. Just think about it; what kind of friend are you if you did not take friends advice. Maybe it is just me because I have a big mouth and am always the first to be straight-forward, but I can not just sit back without giving my opinion. Hey, it is their choice if they want to listen to me or not. At least I said something.
Due to the fact that we live in close corners, it is easy to involve yourself in petty drama that everyone ends up laughing over in the end. I and most of my friends stay on weekends so we are with each other 24/7, just as we where with our families. Now we have formed our own family to love and care for. And it is simple to have a small quarrel that gets blown out of proportion. The best thing to do is talk it over, share your opinions and listen to each other and soon your campus family will be healed.
It is college so have tons of fun but always remember to look out for your friends because they are the closest thing you have to a family. Just remember to be honest and unmerciful, because that is what it means to be a real friend. I love you, friends!

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Cristin Marcy

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