Golf season cancelled by the new coronavirus

By Kevin McLaughlin
April 21, 2020

The golf team has had its season ended by the coronavirus. The NCAA made the decision to cancel all golfing tournaments around the nation.

Courses have been closed off for now. This is what prevents Tana Thomas, head coach of the golf team, from competing the whole spring season. The season was supposed to begin for the Cavaliers on Saturday, April 4th, at Rosemont College.

Clearly, the players on the team are extremely disappointed and feel their season has been robbed of an opportunity to compete in something that they love.

Although the courses have been taken away from these men, they’ve tried different ways to train and remain focused on golf.

Jon Papp, sophomore business management major, was supposed to begin his second season this spring for the Cavaliers. Instead, he is practicing downstairs in his basement.

“I bring my clubs downstairs every day and practice in the basement,” Papp said. “I put ESPN on for background noises and I go to work for at least a few hours.” Papp remains upset about the situation as well. “It’s disappointing, but it is what it is,” Papp said. “I’ll be ready to go for the summer and next season.”

Papp 1920
Photo by Cabrini Athletics of Jon Papp

Gerald Haftmann, sophomore business management major, has been bored beyond belief and has started to practice trick shots in golf. “I’ve gotten so bored to the point where I’ve tried to play pong with my clubs,” Haftmann said. Attempting to hit a golf ball into a red solo cup is the goal in his trick. “I understand why the season was canceled,” Haftmann said. It is still frustrating for him. “I look forward to this all year and I’m still in disbelief that this is actually happening.”

Haftmann 1920
Photo by Cabrini Athletics of Gerald Haftmann

Daniel Murphy, sophomore business management major, practices his swing every day. The downside, however, is not having access to the simulator.

“I practice my swing for a good portion of the day,” Murphy said. A simulator is what Murphy uses to adjust anything he might be doing wrong. “I rely on the simulator to help me with power and anything I might be a little bit off with.”

Murphy is absolutely frustrated with the results of the season being canceled.

“It feels like a slap to the face when you train all year for something like this,” Murphy said.

Murphy 1920
Photo by Cabrini Athletics of Daniel Murphy

Ryan Calderaro, sophomore business management major, practices in his basement as well.

However, Calderaro puts his schoolwork ahead of anything at this point of the semester. “Since the season was canceled it definitely gives me time to do well in my classes,” Calderaro said. “When I have free time I practice putting in my basement for next season.” Calderaro, like Haftmann, is understanding of the cancellation. “It’s unfortunate, but I do understand why it happened.”

Calderaro 1920
Photo by Cabrini Athletics of Ryan Calderaro

There is no timetable when the golf courses will open back up. However, the team hopes to get out there during the summertime.

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Kevin McLaughlin

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