Global warming: another hot Hollywood trend

By John E. Lindros Esquire
March 29, 2007

Dr. David Dunbar writes that he disagrees with me about the climate change controversy, but that’s only fair, since I disagree with him. Modern people seem to hold two assumptions concerning the environment that are completely false. They assume the climate today is the way it’s ‘supposed to be’, and if we humans just do the ‘right stuff’, the climate will stay the way it is. Wrong!

Climate change on the earth is continuous and constant and has been going on without any human participation since the beginning of the planet. Those changes have often been much more severe than anything we are talking about today. Ocean levels have risen and fallen hundreds of feet, glaciers have melted, formed and melted again, and temperatures have swung wildly on Spaceship Earth. All this is in the fairly recent past.

Don’t be so sure of what so-called ‘scientific consensus’ is telling you. ‘Scientific consensus’ condemned Galileo to house arrest. Scientific consensus within the last 50 years told us the fundamental building blocks of the universe were protons, neutrons and electrons. Now, its ‘quarks’ [in six flavors] or ‘leptons’ [in three flavors], which may exist in infinite parallel universes of 10 or 11 dimensions. At least that’s this week.

Makers of ‘computer models’ that predict the future are painfully aware that they often produce models that give the answer they want, because they cannot winnow their biases from the process of writing the models. Scientific consensus these days is mostly about qualifying for grants to do your studies by telling the grant-givers what they want to hear – that’s how careers are made.

There is developing backlash against the excessive claims of those pushing a climate change political agenda.

The New York Times story on March 13, 2007, ‘From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype’, talks about the perception by some scientists that former Vice-President Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” contains exaggeration and shrill alarmism.

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Jonathan Last wrote on March 18, 2007, that scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Germany note that the Sun has been putting out more energy and shining more brightly for the last 60 years, which may be the cause for any measured increase in temperature on Earth.

Amusingly, a report on the Net on MSNBC on March 15,” Vast Stores of Water Ice on Mars” states there has been a ‘warming trend [on Mars recently] as Mars emerges from an ‘ice age'”, perhaps caused by the sun’s activity, which could be partly to blame for warming on several planets”. Maybe one of those planets is the Earth?!

Dr. Dunbar astonishingly predicts humans will wind up in ‘breeding huts’ at the North and South Pole. The one at the North Pole will probably be called the “Love Boat,” because the ice at the Poles will have melted, and there is no land at the North Pole. Have fun ‘breeding!’ All aboard!!

Dr. Dunbar states my position is ‘morally indefensible’. Nonsense. As noted Newsweek columnist Robert J. Samuleson says: “Sooner or later, Americans will discover that this Hollywood version of global warming (largely mirrored in the media) is mostly make-believe….Those who believe that addressing global warming is a moral imperative face an equivalent moral imperative to be candid about the costs, difficulties and uncertainties.”

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John E. Lindros Esquire

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