Glee provides entertainment for audiences everywhere.

By Elizabeth Krupka
March 8, 2010

Staff Writer
Singing, dancing, hormonal teenage crushes, one psychotic gym teacher and one seriously good looking (and sounding) male instructor sounds like the making of a hit television series.
Glee dazzled audiences on May 19 when the pilot aired after American Idol. Fox was startled by the viewership of the show and picked the show up for an entire season.
The television series is made up of serious actors and actresses. Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, was on Broadway in the Tony Award winning musical Spring Awakening.
Matthew Morrison, a Tony Award nominee, shares the stage with Michele as her teacher and glee club instructor named William Schuster.
Glee features all different types of music from every generation.  Including cover songs by artists Neil Diamond, Jordin Sparks, Barbra Streisand and everything under the sun Glee has continued to capture audiences.
“I love watching Glee with my friends at school. It is entertaining and it is a refreshing show to watch. The show has many different types of songs so it can capture the attention of a wide variety of people,” Kevin McAvoy, sophomore business major, said.
The show is also something that is fairly family-friendly. It tackles many true-life issues that teenagers are dealing with now.
“Glee is a different type of show. It is fresh and extremely enjoyable to watch. I sit with my computer and download the songs, as soon as they sing them. I just love to listen to the music,” Jamie Santoro, sophomore communication major, said.
The music is the main focus of the show. However teenage problems are sprinkled in throughout the season to add flavor to every episode.
The main focus of the entire season is for the Glee club to win the regional competition. However, the students and the instructor have very different reasons for craving the victory.
The students are classified as the “gleeks” on the high school campus. Before this year, the glee club consisted of fine art losers. When the quarterback of the football team, Finn Hudson played by Cory Monteith, joins the club, the students of William McKinley High School are not quite sure what to think of the change in social status.
The little high school in Lima, Ohio is paralyzed with confusion when members of other athletic teams begin to join the “gleeks” as well.
The glee club members are in a lot of scrutiny from their peers. They struggle to come together as a group because the other students are trying to tear them apart.
“The show was not something that I was interested in watching at first. Then my roommate kept watching it and I found that it was not as bad as I thought it would be,” Amanda Smith, sophomore graphic design major, said.
The show has gotten stellar ratings since it began.  Glees popularity continues to grow not only with audiences but with award committees as well.
Glee has been in such great demand that this summer the cast will be touring. The fresh and saucy series appeals to all different types of viewers.
“Glee is a breath of fresh air in the television world. It is entertaining to watch an up-beat show once a week with good laughs, clean fun and solid music. It is an all around fantastic show,” Santoro said.

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Elizabeth Krupka

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