Giving our troops the goods

By Staff Writer
April 10, 2003

Angelina Wagner

In light of all the graphic images and talk of war everywhere you go, Cabrini students are working together to make the lives of American soldiers a little more amenable one step at a time. There are an abundant number of ideas that students have and are willing to execute.

The Wolfington Center was approached by several student groups with the idea to collect items that would be useful for troops that have and are about to be deployed. The groups that are co-sponsoring the aid of soldiers with the Wolfington Center are Dr. Katie Ambruso’s math and statistics classes, House Seven, and the Cabrini Apartment Complex.

The groups asked that people donate items that would be hard to find once they reached their place of destination. Those items included: sunscreen, eye drops, Kleenex and non-perishable snacks. These items are going to be packed and sent to Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base in N.J. The American Red Cross will then ship these items to soldiers that have been sent off.

Food that students have donated that need to be cooked will be offered to the families of soldiers first. In some instances, the breadwinner of the family is in active duty and the economic status of the household shifts. A gift of a food basket is greatly appreciated at times when financial stability is pinched. If there is any food left it will be donated to the Greater Philadelphia Food Bank.

Campus Ministry has also set up prayer stations where anyone can write their thoughts and prayers for the soldiers that are overseas. You may also write down any Mass intentions at these prayer stations. The principal station is to the right of the entrance of Campus Ministry.

The Residence Hall Association completed a week-long collection of loose change. The change bins were placed in various points around campus. The change totaled almost $400 and it will all go towards the purchase of phone cards for American soldiers.

Megan Hartman, a senior and one of the head members of the RHA, saw on the news that an organization was providing the phone card option and jumped on the idea. “It was a trial thing. We just wanted to see how much we could get,” Hartman said. “If we raised a decent amount and it was successful, maybe we could do it again in the case that the war was still going on.”

“All focus of helping American soldiers and Iraqi civilians at the present time is all good but we cannot forget about helping those that are in need in other parts of the world,” Mary Laver, coordinator of community outreach and partnerships, said.

If you want to send our troops care packages, check out these websites.

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