Give text messaging a break, try calling

By Jen Wozniak
November 6, 2008

Texting instead of calling these days? You’re definitely not alone.

The texting craze has gotten out of hand. Everywhere you look students are hastily typing messages on their cell phones, their fingers moving at a hundred miles a minute. In classrooms, hallways, the library, dorm rooms, parties and even the gym, there is at least one person texting.

What ever happened to actually calling someone? Sure, I’m guilty of texting a lot too. But in my opinion, while texting is okay at certain times, it is also important that you take the time to call people sometimes too.

In a world where people need to constantly feel connected to everyone at all times, having your cell phone at your side 24/7 is a must. No matter where you are, you have the ability to call or send a message to others and let them know where you are, find out where they are or say or ask whatever you’d like as soon as you think of it.

Texting has become so convenient these days for the times when calling people is impossible, such as when you’re in a really loud or really quiet place. For example, if you are at the library or the movies, it makes sense to talk to someone through texting instead of a phone call. Or, if your roommate is studying or sleeping, or you do not want someone to overhear what you are saying in general, it is much better to text.

People also text so that they are able to think about what they want to say after
each message, to share something quickly without the need for a long conversation
or so they can multitask, for example doing
their homework and texting. It is harder to talk on the phone and do something, but you could keep taking short breaks from what you are doing to text.

Texting can be good for those just starting out in a new relationship as well. It is kind of like a step up from instant messaging, but not quite at the level of calling. In these cases, it is easier for a person to get to know another without being
nervous. They are able to think about what they want to say to respond to what the other says, instead of being put on the spot in a phone call.

Let’s face it though,- calling is so much more personal than texting! When you have not talked to a partner, friend, or family
member in a long time, they definitely deserve a phone call instead of just being shot a text. I don’t understand when people in relationships only talk to their loved ones once a week and rely on texting throughout the week. It is so much better to hear someone’s voice.

Also, when you have not talked to someone in a long time, you will probably have a lot of stories to share.

In that case, what could be a nice conversation through a phone call ends up being impersonal texting back and forth that lasts forever. Why not just call the person? This would actually save you time, because what could be a 10-minute conversation ends up lasting more than double that by texting back and forth. Plus, you would be able to hear the emotion in a person’s voice which makes the story better.

When you text, you can misinterpret what others are saying. Sometimes, you end up adding “haha” and “lol” at the end just so people know you are laughing. These are the kinds of things that make calling people better too. You can’t use the “I don’t have enough time to call” excuse. Taking five minutes away from facebooking to call someone can make a difference.

If the situation allows it, and if you have a lot to tell someone, take the time out to call the person. Don’t let texting take over your life. Do it when you have to, but call important people at least once during the week also. It will show them that you care that much more.

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Jen Wozniak

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