Ghostly housekeeping

By Staff Writer
October 9, 2003

I wasn’t sure if it was the squished grasshopper with guts protruding from its side, lying on the bathroom floor by the sink, or the golf-ball-sized hairball stuck to the side of the shower wall in the bathroom that made me want to vomit when I woke up to get a shower this morning. Cabrini College’s resident living space is grotesque!!

It seems the older you get, the poorer quality of living you receive. I am appalled by the fact that I walk into a bathroom every morning and it is covered with dirt, hair, mud and insects. Our bathroom goes days without being touched by any type of cleaning service. I am not even sure I want them to turn the air-conditioning on in the house because my vent is covered in dust and mold, I would rather sweat than have that dirt infested vent blow in my face all night.

When I first walked into my house back in August, I thought I just might be able to get used to the fact that the stench made me feel I was about to live in a house that smelled like something died, and was rotting out of the walls. It looked like some type of wild animal had run though the house tearing up the rugs every five feet. Maybe you would have thought that the spider webs that cover the lights right outside of the house and the inside door frame, which contain dead insects and spiders crawling around, just might have been cleaned at least once while our parents were moving us in.

Maybe you think I am an over-obsessive neat freak or something, but a little cleanliness is all I ask. Thank God I keep my room clean and dust every now and then. The fact that their is a collection of black flies encompassing the corner of my wall after the fact that I know my screens are as securely fastened as possible, is really starting to get on my nerves. My room is going to start smelling like the stench of Raid in a few weeks. I can be absolutely sure that this house is not vacuumed, because a recent hole that was fixed on our hallway wall was spackled and the white residue flakes it leaves behind after being sanded down, still remains to this day all over the floor below.

It’s not even the rooms or the bathrooms. It’s everywhere I look. I don’t have cell phone reception in my room, so I walk out into the hallway by a window to have a clear conversation, rather than do the “can you hear me now” bit. Even then I am sickened by the fact that I stare at flatted mosquitoes, inexplicable dried up yellow substances, flies and ants just hanging from the wall for weeks and the imprint of a shoe that had flatted a moldering insect. Well , at least they are dead, because I find myself swatting three other insects away from my head, as I try and hurry to finish my annoying conversation with my mother on my temperamental cell asking me why I have not returned her three voice messages.

Alright, so now you think I am just going a little too far and bitching like any regular type of prissy girl. Would you like to do your laundry in a basement where the ceiling is about to fall through? A mysterious leak, which is yet to be fixed, still drips to the floor, causing the paint to continuously chip off and fall, to the causing a messy puddle in the center of the basement.

No, you’re right. I am going just a little too far. We fix that by placing a dehumidifier right by the puddle and then attaching a garden hose from one end of the dehumidifier to the edge of rusted 12-inch drain. This just so happens to be conveniently placed right in front of the dryers, in the connecting room. So, every time my laundry is finished and I take a handful of my clothes out of the dryer, I always end up dropping something into the rusty drainage system that chips off pieces of rusted metal that is pumped with water from the humidifier. This collects water from the ceiling, which is falling apart and cannot seem to be fixed.

Wow, what was I thinking? I must be so lucky to only be spending $8,550 on room and board here at Cabrini with these wonderful living facilities.

Posted to the web by Angelina Wagner

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Staff Writer

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