Getting organized for the new year

By Laura Lombardi
January 31, 2008

Megan Pellegrino

Getting organized is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it’s just by organizing your room, your schedule or even your mind.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to keep things in order.

Some helpful ways in keeping organized could be by keeping a daily planner with a calendar and space for assignments.

Another would be making clear labeled stickers for different subjects, alphabetizing things according to a specific pattern as well as color coordinating.

Prioritize your assignments and complete the most important ones first.

Try to make a check list when you are complete and remember to take detailed notes and write everything down.

Highlighting key terms and making an outline are good ways to stay structured.

These are key ways that eliminate stress, chaos and confusion because organization always leads to success.

Some Cabrini College students find it both easy and challenging to keep their lives organized.

Felicia Dodson, a sophomore finance major,said, “I try to get things done as soon as possible, but sometimes I tend to procrastinate.”

“It is hard to live your life day to day if you are not organized,” Dodson said. “I have a daily planner with all of my upcoming events to try and keep my daily activities organized.”

Sophomore business major Caitlin Santora said, “I tend to put things off at the last minute but I believe success starts with organization, therefore I think it is very important to be organized.”

“I try to accomplish too much at once, that’s why I find it difficult to stay organized,” Dr. Janice Xu, assistant English and communication professor said.

“The key to getting organized is to get your priorities clear and to have a clear understanding of your long term objectives and short term objectives,” Xu said.

Overall, by staying organized it enables you to find out exactly what you need, and are able to focus on the most important things.

Good organizational skills helps manage your time which makes life a lot easier.

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Laura Lombardi

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