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By Megan Kutulis
April 16, 2009

Theater: Robert Stoop, Assistant Musical Director
Describe your experience with theater in one word: Perfect
“We put together two productions per year for the campus community. Each production is performed eight times, leading us to 16 performances per year for the theater crew. The theater is an activity, but can also count as a class. Therefore, it is a semester-long commitment for those involved.”

CRS Ambassadors: Lisa Somers, CRS Fair Trade Ambassador
Describe CRS Ambassadors in one word: Justice
“CRS Ambassadors advocate for justice and give a voice to those who don’t have one. Each year we host a Fair Trade Wallyball tournament. Our HIV/AIDS Ambassadors make bracelets and Food Security hosts a hunger banquet. Each ambassador has events to raise awareness on each issue.”

CAP Board: Ali Thompson, Director of Special Events
Describe CAP in one word: Family
“The Campus Activites and Programming Board plans events for students both on and off campus. Some events that CAP plans are fun game nights, such as bingo, and some events are bigger, like the trip to New York in December. A really exciting event we have coming up is the Mae concert on Friday, April 17.”

Megan Kutulis

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