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By Melissa DiPietrantonio
January 30, 2003

Nina Scimenes

Have you ever dreamed of making your own music video? Well, if you attended the Involvement Fair on Tuesday, Jan. 28, you had your chance.
There was quite a large turnout at the fair, which was a new idea from student development. It offered a way to see the various clubs that Cabrini has to offer, to get familiar with community outreach, campus ministry, the new rugby team and even things the alumni association is doing, and to have fun at the same time.
Mary Laver, coordinator of community outreach & partnerships, said, “It’s a very upbeat thing to be doing.”
There were numerous activities to choose from. There was a poster sale, a stuff-a-plush, which is similar to Build-a-Bear, a caricature artist and even an opportunity to make your own music video.
Junior Jeff Sy participated in the making his own music video and had a good time. “At first it seems intimidating because you’re up there by yourself, but it is a lot of fun because you just dance and show off your moves.” Everyone who does this gets to keep a copy of his or her video performance.
Freshman Drew Mcanany said that the fair was a good way to get people involved.
The most popular event was the stuff-a-plush, but that ended quickly when materials ran out.
There was also a poster sale that benefited the senior class. Posters were on display from Beyond the Wall, a store located on South St. in Philadelphia, and sales were better than expected. Patricia Zeigler, who has been working for the poster company for 10 years, ran the poster program. Posters ranged from movie posters and rock stars to Monet paintings and scenic beaches. Zeigler said, “Every woman is buying Vin Diesel posters, and beach scenes are really popular.”
The caricature artist, W.C. Pope, drew pictures sharply resembling the students. Freshman Jessica Bienick said, “The caricatures were really fun. It was neat how he could draw us just by looking at us.”
Junior, Marian Gibfried, was informing people about an activism group on campus. The purpose of the group is to inform people about the happenings in society. Currently, the group is focusing on the war and the current problems ensuing in Iraq.
Students and faculty were pleased with the attendance at the fair, and look forward to planning for next year.

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Melissa DiPietrantonio

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