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By Staff Writer
April 28, 2005

I’m not an alumni. You can print, forward or ignore. 80% of us are in agreement so it might be pointless to print it. Keep in mind that the governor of Arizona just refused to sign a bill making english their official language. Forwarding would be a good option.

Wake up America. We’re under attack and its not just from the terrorists. Our way of life is facing the biggest threat since world war II, and the cold war. Immigrants have decided to use our constitution against us to change our country as they see fit. The sad part is, that some of our leaders still can’t see what is going on. The ones that can see, are apparently willing to sell our country out, in order to create the illusion of a healthy economy. I’m sorry, but you can look at an almost 8 trillion dollar national debt 8 trillion different ways, and it still won’t be healthy. Some how, they have the impression, that the only thing that matters is a growing economy. They have conveniently forgotton all the wars that we have fought to maintain our way of life. Here is what they are doing.

They are using unlimited population growth from both illegal and legal immigration to grow the economy to try to pay for their overspending over the past decades. This in reality is a cancerous growth. The combination of illegal immigrants driving down wages, free trade, military expenditures overseas, and foreign aid is pushing us into the abyss. By the way, when they mention how many jobs were created last month, they also conveniently forget to say how many were lost. We should also keep in mind, that the unemployment figures do not reflect the large numbers of people who give up finding a decent paying job, fall off the unemployment rolls, and end up living with a relative. We should also be asking why Congress isn’t closing bases in Europe, instead of here at home. How did Congress get so out of touch with the American people? Lobbyists and special interest groups.

It seems that every group has a lobby effort, except for the vast majority of traditional America. Congress has conveniently forgotton traditional America, since we are more inclined to go to work every day, and trust that our leaders know what they are doing. Until Congress puts the vast majority of traditional America first, we will continue to watch our country go down the drain. Now, they have not only let our traditional religions be compromised, but they are willing to allow our children to be brainwashed into believing that it is ok to allow anyone to live here, and change our country to fit their needs. One school in Md. had their kids say the Pledge of Allegiance in 4 or 5 different languages for one week. One school in Oklahoma actually put Spanish signs in their hallways. Lowes has put Spanish signs in their new store in Claremore Ok.. Today i noticed metrotech in Okc is also offering auto mechanics in Spanish in addition to Spanish for health care workers. These people who are making these decisions are not loyal Americans. It is wrong to force our people to learn Spanish. A garage or construction supervisor shouldn’t have to learn Spanish in order to find help. Eventually they will require every student in America to take Spanish. This is completely wrong. We should require every foreign worker to speak English. They are even allowing our own television stations to participate in this brainwashing with Spanish commercials and foreign language commercials such as microsofts xbox. Well now they have gone too far. This has all been a political game for decades now, in which we were losing. Now, they have unleashed the power of traditional christians and traditionalists combined. Here is our trump card to finish these games once and for all.

We must combine the religious people with people who want this country to remain English speaking. We can do this with one combination amendment calling it the traditional amendment. I have a rough draft already. This will easily pass with at least 70% of the population supporting it. This proposed amendment will not combine church and state, but only restore it to the way it was in recent decades. This means that small acknowledgments of our founding fathers basic beliefs will be restored, as long as they existed in recent decades. This amendment will protect the pledge of allegiance, prayer before sporting events, and Christmas pageants, along with ensuring our homes, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and governments remain in English. It also preserves non traditional Americas right to speak whatever language they like in their own home, own family operated business, and protects their right to worship as they please. I wrote this amendment in 2 hours. Imagine how good lawyers and writers can make it. I’ll include it down below.

We should also find a 3rd party willing to stand up for the majority of traditional America. I have been trying to convince the to do this. By forgetting about the Hispanic vote, and going for the republican and democratic vote, we can eliminate this catering to the Hispanic vote. There are many more potential votes in those 2 parties, than in the Hispanic vote. Their current platform is not practical anyway. Perhaps we could all start sending them a copy of the rough draft amendment with their online contact form. Maybe this would convince them.

By the way, there will be no trouble. 80% of the population is on our side, as well as the military. If there is trouble, we can cancel NAFTA, permanently!! Once they realize that we expect them to blend in, they will fall into line with the rest of us. Just as they should have done to begin with.

If 20% of the population truly believes that language is not a big deal, then they shouldn’t have a problem with speaking English, if we can put God back into our country. I also believe that there may be some people having to do some explaining some day, if we pass up this opportunity to restore America.

Unlike most amendments, this one needs to be somewhat specific. Congress cannot be trusted to stand up for traditional America. We also have other groups that have the potential to invade our tv stations, schools, businesses, neighborhoods, and homes such as Russians, Portuguese, and Asians. This can be improved obviously.

Our vision of America is a country who respects all cultures and religions, while still recognizing the importance of maintaining and protecting our traditional language and traditional religions from compromise. Therefore, the majority of traditional Americans pass this amendment to insure our way of life remains foremost.

Traditional language is defined as English, as evidenced by overwhelming usage during recent decades. Traditional religions are defined as judeo christian, catholic and protestant as evidenced by overwhelming members over recent decades.

Congress shall pass laws insuring the dominance of our traditional language and religious customs and displays. These laws shall include, but not be limited to, as follows.

Immigration laws shall be vigorously enforced and immigration numbers shall be limited to ensure controlled assimilation.

All federally taxpayer funded business must be conducted exclusively in English, with regards to our internal population. Congress shall make rare exceptions such as intelligence gathering and other vital areas.

Withhold all federal money from the states unless they conduct their business exclusively in English, with regards to their internal population. This includes taxpayer funded schools, but is not limited to only schools. All foreign language classes shall remain at the high school level, and always remain as an elective.

Require city governments to enact ordinances that insure all city business must be conducted exclusively in English. In addition, cities must pass ordinances that any new signs visible outdoors in any form shall be exclusively in English. Any city who disregards or tries to circumvent these laws shall be banned from any taxpayer funds or assistance in times of peril.

Insure that no ones home, neighborhood or place of business, is subjected to uninvited foreign media in all its forms. Television and radio stations remain in English, while still allowing them to maintain a cultural theme on a dedicated channel, if they so choose.

Corporations and businesses that hire outside of the immediate family, shall be prevented from asking what language a prospective employee speaks besides English. Employees can only be screened for other languages when their job deals primarily with foreign countries. No one can be required to learn a foreign language or be discriminated against for not learning one.

All government and taxpayer funded entities at all levels, may return to their traditional religious customs and displays. This includes, but is not limited to, the Pledge of Allegiance as written, morning prayer, and any traditional religious displays that were allowed in decades past. All government, corporations, businesses, and individuals shall be protected from lawsuits for requiring English to be used in all types of communication, for disallowing other religious displays and customs on their time, and for enforcing our immigration laws.

To preserve non traditional America, Congress shall not infringe upon anyones language, and religious customs and displays in their own home, own family operated business, and place of worship as long as they are within existing legal and moral boundaries. No one shall be prevented from searching out or receiving legal foreign media inside their own home, inside their own business or a non taxpayer funded entity.

Todd Neufeld
Oklahoma City

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Staff Writer

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