Cabrini Body Image Coalition hosts Galentine’s Day event

By Annette Godwin
March 27, 2018

The event was advertised on flyers across campus. Image by the Body Image Coalition.

The Body Image Coalition held an event to celebrate Galentine’s day on February 13, in Cabrini University  commuters lounge. The event was a  stress free event for anyone on campus. There were tons of snacks a lot of people chatting. 

“Galentine’s Day is a holiday on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day to celebrate friendship love. It was inspired by ‘Parks and Recreation’, the tv.  I thought BIC should have his event to honor our members and for the exec board to have a nice bonding session. This way we all can feel comfortable with one another. It is an open event and anyone can come,” said Nia Mapp, who is a junior studying writing and philosophy and also the event coordinator.

 “Personally, Valentine’s Day to me is a day where you should step back and better appreciate your loved ones and thank them for being a part of your life,” Paige Wagner, a senior graphic design major and also one of the presidents of the Body Image Coalition, said. “Not just someone you’re in a relationship with, but your family and friends as well.” 

“The reason why I joined the club was because I wanted to help other people to be confident,” said Anna Shultz, who is studying education here at Cabrini University.

Individuals who wanted to meet new people put themselves out there and attended the event.

“I believe this could be spread around campus just by doing little acts of kindness for those that are in your life. Help them with their homework, buy them a snack from Jazzman’s, even just being there for them a little bit extra than usual. It’s the little things that mean the most in the end. That’s what we hope to do with our event Galentine’s Day: show our members and anyone else on campus how much we appreciate and care about them” Wagner said.

Body Image Coalition’s goal was to spread the word to get people out of their comfort zone. Or to have people make time in their schedule.

“As much as the Vice President, Jordan Clouthier, and myself love the basis of Galantine’s Day, our Events Coordinator, Nia Mapp, was the one who came up with the event idea that has now been going on for two years strong. Nia got the idea from one of her favorite shows, ‘Parks and Recreation,’ and we then created our own version of it,” said Wagner.

Some of the time students may feel left out, because they commute and some of their friends stay on campus. It may be hard for them to get a better invite to different activities that are happening on campus.

“When advertising this event, we rely on our club members to spread the word, as well as relying greatly on our Social Media Coordinator, Abigail Scardelletti. Her job is to post pretty much everything onto all of our social media platforms to help reach out to more people,” said Wagner. “The executive board as a whole reaches out as much as possible to advertise Galentine’s Day and the many other events we have yearly, but with Abigail’s help in the social media aspect, I believe we are able to advertise to a much larger portion of Campus.”

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Annette Godwin

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