Future election events for students

By Christine Ernest
September 30, 2004

Cabrini College has many activities planned around the presidential election that will appeal to every political view.

The atmosphere has been filled with a political flair lately around the college. Red, white and blue signs adorn every piece of blank wall, encouraging students to get involved in this year’s election. During recent Cabrini sponsored events; the chants of volunteers can be heard echoing through the halls persuading students to register to vote.

On top of all this political activity sponsored by the college, some students have taken it upon themselves to start groups that reflect their own political views. Some examples are the Student Democratic Association and the Young Republicans.

Students in their respective political group are not afraid to express their views to the rest of the Cabrini Community.

John Holloway, a senior English and communication major, and the historian for the Student Democratic Association said, “America will do better when they vote for Kerry.”

On the other hand Pat Jordan, a sophomore, and an active Republican said, “George Bush is doing a great job. He’s keeping our country safe from terrorists and cutting taxes.”

On Wednesday, Sept. 29, Project Vote Smart took place in the Grace Hall Atrium at 4 p.m. Project Vote Smart presented the Cabrini community with their presentation on “Voter’s Self Defense” to equip students, faculty, and community members with unbiased information about the upcoming election.

According to the Project Vote Smart website, www.vote-smart.org, “Forty national leaders, including former Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, formed Project Vote Smart (PVS) in 1992. Dedicated to upholding the ideal of democracy and serving the American people with unbiased and accurate information, PVS constructed a user-friendly voter’s self-defense system accessible through a website and a toll-free hotline (1-888-VOTE-SMART) over a 10-year period.”

As many members of Cabrini’s community have noticed, “Rock the Vote” has been seen around campus encouraging students to register to vote. On Thursday, Oct. 7 there will be the “Rock The Vote Comedy Show” at 6:30 p.m. in the Grace Hall Atrium. If a student has missed them in their previous locations, Rock the Vote will be present at the Project Vote Smart event as mentioned previously above.

On the height of election night, Cabrini College will host a debate in Jazzman’s Caf

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Christine Ernest

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