Funky Finds At Food Source

By Cheryl Tranchitella
November 1, 2001

Almost everyone has heard of apple butter. But how about mango butter, red raspberry butter or even Marion Butter? If you have or even if you have not and are interested in exotic foods, Food Source located on 663 W. Lancaster Ave is a place that you would want to check out.

Food Source has all kinds of organic foods as well as non-organic foods. They have organic fruits, vegetables and even potato chips. Who ever thought you could eat edible aloe? Also, the organic potato chips vary in color. You can find blue, pink and multi colored, for whatever mood you are in. If potato chips are not your bag they have “Veggie Stix.” They are crunchy like chips, but have less fat and taste like vegetables.

If cheese is your weakness, Food Source has a great variety of different cheeses. They range from plain old American cheese to Swiss cheese with chives to American cheese with cranberries, or lemons inside. There are also cheese sticks, crunchy bread sticks with cheese baked onto them.

Some drinks you will find there are fruit flavored sparkling cider, soy and organic milk, chocolate soda, organic teas, flavored non-carbonated water and watermelon juice. At the coffee station hot and iced coffee as well as hot and iced teas are available while you shop.

There is a fresh seafood counter with a lobster tank next to it so you can choose the one you want.

Some other funky condiments to choose from are mustard with water crest, portabella mushroom relish, ripe olive relish, spicy pecan vinegar, ginger grape seed oil, blue lemon ginger jam, and a variety of hot sauces .Take your pick.

For desert they have organic Hawaiian fruit cookies and Carolina June Bugs that are smokey molasses flavored pecans along with many other exotic foods and drinks.

If your taste buds like wacky foods Food Source would be a pretty interesting place to go to do your shopping.

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Cheryl Tranchitella

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