Fun food that brings comfort to the soul

By Katie McNulty
October 21, 2004

Have you ever been dumped by a girlfriend or boyfriend? You had your heart so badly broken that you thought to yourself the only way to temporally mend this broken heart is to eat a whole gallon of chocolate-chip-cookie dough- ice cream.

The rich taste of the chocolate chips and the soft sweet feeling the cookie dough leaves on your mouth after you devour each bite, is sure to take away the pain. You figure as long as you concentrate on how good the ice cream taste, you will forget all about your broken heart. You might even tell yourself, wow, my boyfriend or girlfriend’s kisses do not even compare to the taste of this ice-cream.

The ice-cream leaves you with a comfortable feeling. It makes you feel warm inside and can be a substitute for the pain. This is what our society refers to as comfort food. It is food that fills your soul with happiness. It can make you feel better when you feel sad or it can bring back memories of family affairs and traditions.

When asking Cabrini students the question, what do you think comfort food is, most of them immediately thought of comfort food as something you eat when you get depressed or have a bad day. Most tended to associate comfort food with the situation of the broken heart. I then told them that comfort food can be food that makes you think of happy times with your family or friends.

Sara Pizza, a sophomore said, “My favorite comfort food is nachos. It makes me think about the happy times my family shares at Christmas time. It is a tradition that every year my mom makes nachos with all the good stuff on top. It brings the family together at the table.”

Vikki Nicodemus, a sophomore said, “My favorite comfort food is chocolate cake because it reminds her of birthday parties when she was a little girl.”

One of the most popular comfort foods is macaroni and cheese. Some historians believe that the dish was created by our founding father, Thomas Jefferson, and was first served in the White House in 1802. In 1937 Kraft Foods introduced macaroni and cheese in the blue box to family dinner tables all across America.

Danielle Chominski, a sophomore said, “I would definitely agree that macaroni and cheese is one of the most popular comfort foods, especially with velveta cheese. It is something that we all grew up with and ate with our families. Laura Pepe said, “My favorite is macaroni and cheese with cut up hot dogs mixed in.”

So if macaroni and cheese is a comfort food, it’s no coincidence that their slogan is, “I got the blues; Kraft macaroni and cheese. The blue box blues. If mommy wants to please she’s only got to cheese me. The blue box blues.

Weather your favorite comfort food substitutes pain or brings back memories, it definitely fills your soul with some sort of happiness. Other popular comfort foods among students were chocolate, peanut butter, buttered popcorn and roasted marsh mellows.

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Katie McNulty

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